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How To Bathe A Dog

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How to Bathe a Dog?

Dogs need to be bathed at least once every month but once a week; especially in the summers is also a great idea. Mostly owners are reluctant towards bathing their dogs and sometimes they do not know how to bathe a dog. Dogs should always kept clean, specially those who are going to stay indoors.

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Most dogs do not have need of recurrent bathing, shampooing a dog’s coat too frequently may divest the coat of its natural oils, instigating the coat to dry out and loose its beauty.

Bath time can be pleasurable for dogs and owners if done perfectly and if the dog becomes used to the idea. Some very easy steps need to be followed!

Preparation of Bathing Your Dog

The first step comprises of choosing a location and the outdoors is the best idea to avoid mess and ample space for the dog to run around and enjoy. To avoid muddling and hassle it is best if a tub is used. Warm water must be available that is comfortable for the dog, use room temperature or slightly cool water in summers.

Gathering Supplies

Before the bathing starts all supplies must be laid out so whatever is needed is immediately available. A pH-balanced, soap free dog shampoo (best if it contains natural ingredients), bath mat to avoid tumbling, combs according to the dog’s hair type and absorbent towels are necessary supplies.

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Before the bath begins the dog must be brushed thoroughly to remove all tangles, kinks and mats since when the dog is wet these will be grim to deal with.

The Bath

Dogs need to feel safe and reassured and this can be accomplished by talking throughout the process in a calm, gentle tone. Dog should have a good bathing experience and this is very important to learn in “how to bathe a dog” process.

Bathing starts with wetting the dog from head to toe with warm water; a hand-held sprayer or a bucket can be used. Dogs are likely to shake their head, spraying water everywhere, especially if water enters their ears, thus be prepared to get wet. Cotton balls can be used to prevent water from entering into the ears and take care to avoid shampoo going into the eyes. Deep and thorough soaking is essential as some dogs have water resilient coats.

Next the shampoo is applied and it is best if the shampoo is mixed with water in 11 ratio, making it not too strong for the dog. Next the dog must be buffed, scrubbed and massaged for a few minutes, allowing the shampoo to stay in for 10-15 minutes. A rubber tool with small nubs made solely for dog baths can be very handy in this stage. The dog’s head must be shampooed last to prevent any discomfort. Take care that all body parts are scoured properly.


Shampoo must be rinsed out thoroughly; any shampoo left may attract dirt, become irritating to skin and can also increase the risk of hair mats.

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After bath, pH-balanced conditioner made for dogs can be used, especially for those that are long haired to help avert tangles and snarls.


It should be made sure that the pelt dries out downright to keep the coat neat, clean and tangle free.

The dog at first will immediately shake off all excess water. Next owners need to use a soft, clean towel and rub the dog gently.

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