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Easy Steps of Bathing a Cat Without Getting Clawed

(Last Updated On: 10/03/2017)

How to Bathe A Cat

One of most important things to learn for cat keepers is how to bathe a cat properly? People often get into arguments regarding “why should we bathe our cats?”. They think that there cats are self-sufficient in order to clean themselves; so why should humans give bath to their cats?

There is a difference between self-grooming and assistance in grooming. Cats groom themselves according to their own needs. They would lick away any scent, dirt or foreign object over their bodies. But what about bacteria? Cats definitely increase the bacteria levels on their furs while grooming themselves. Bathing cats reduce the bacteria and helps to keep a pet cat more suitable for human environment. 

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The reasons to wash come under the hygiene and care. If cats do not like water then it does not mean that water is going to be harmful for their health. Cleaning cat, specially the domesticated one, helps a lot to keep her safe from several infections. Cat grooming and cleaning methods are designed in way to help the cats have best possible human assistance in order to keep them healthy. 

Why Cats Hate Water? 

Cats do not want to get soaked because there coats are not water resistant. Cats know that once they are wet, its going to take them lots of time to dry up. They will have to keep themselves licking until they are completely dry. So it is overall a big hassle for cats. Cats also understand that their  heavy wet coats are dangerous and they would not be able to swim in deep water with the weight of wet fur


Proper Method to Bathe a Cat 

To find out that how to bathe a cat properly, there are few important points to keep in mind:

  • The person giving bath should know how to handle cat. The person should be aware of how to hold a cat from scruff
  • It is important to keep the whole bathing process quick and very calm. One should not be lazy and should not scare cat even more by making noise or being clumsy. 
  • It is important to have all the things required ready besides the washing area. The water should be warm (cold water is not good for cats at all). Shampoo should be selected carefully by understanding the needs of cat’s fur. Some cats have fleas, lice or ticks and therefore, they need to be washed with special shampoos. A brush or comb is also needed before and after bath, so it should also be readily available. Towels should be there to dry the cat as soon as she is done with rinsing. 
  • Bathing a cat is not easy and people should understand before hand that there would be lots of resistance from cat’s side. The only thing that is going to help is the ability to handle the cat. 
  • Do not splash water on cat with pressure. Be gentle while soaking cat. Use a hose pipe or simply a water jug to soak cat’s fur. A cat would stay much calm if she is not hearing water splashes. 
  • It is best if the face of cat is left dry. But even if it is to be soaked then make sure that it is done by using some damp clothe. It is not good to put water directly on cat’s face as there is danger of cat inhaling water from her nostrils. Also water could enter into cat’s ears and would bother her a lot later. Similarly, never ever think about putting shampoo on cat’s face. 

This video would help a lot to people who want to learn that how to bathe a cat? 


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