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How Long Do Cats Stay in Heat?

(Last Updated On: 09/05/2017)

How long are cats in heat?

The first stage of cat pregnancy starts from cats in heat. The heat period varies from cat to cat. Some cats stay on heat for a week, some heats might last up to a month and some never go off until the cat is mated. The signs of heat involve excessive meowing, rolling and raising the hips on back legs. Also, over affectionate behavior towards the owner can also be a sign of a queen on heat.

After a successful cat mating has taken place, the main question that arises within an owners mind is, is my cat pregnant? Signs of pregnancy occur after 15 days during gestation period. After two weeks, the cat’s nipples start turning pink and tend to swell. The cat sometimes shows signs of vomiting at certain foods; the cat also starts to sleep a lot.

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The cat pregnancy stages are as following.

  • At 2 weeks:

The nipples start to pink and they swell as well. The cat starts sleeping a lot and an increase in appetite is also noticed.

  • At 5 weeks:

This is when the sides of belly start to grow outwards. However, not all female cats have prominent belly. In fact, some even tend to give birth and the owners never find out because they think that belly growing outwards is the only proper sign of cat pregnancy.

  • At 7-8 weeks:

At this time, the female is very close to delivering her kittens. She will start looking for places to deliver her babies. Once she decides a place, she’ll sit there often. This time is very crucial and any abnormities such as discharge consisting of puss or blood from vagina, lethargy and vomiting should be taken seriously. The cat should be taken immediately at the vets.

  • After 8 weeks:

This is the time a cat can deliver her babies. The delivery time can go up to 9 weeks as well. The day of delivery depends upon the cat as well.

It is important for a responsible cat breeder or rescuer to make a cat pregnancy calendar to keep track of changes that occur during a cat pregnancy. Preparations should be done before the cat delivers her litter.

A cat pregnancy can take 58-65 days max. Some breeds can take up to 67 days as well but it is very rare.

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