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7 Interesting Things About How Do Cats Mate? | Purrs n Grrs

(Last Updated On: 05/12/2017)

7 Interesting Things About How Do Cats Mate?

It should be known by all the responsible cat breeders that how do cats mate? Usually cat owners do not understand when their female cat ends up getting pregnant. Mostly people stay ignorant to the fact that their cat has reached the breeding or cat mating age and even has been mating with the tom cat (sibling cats mating is also shocking for some people). In such cases, it is very important to focus on the point that what are those major signs and times when cats mate and breed; basically the cat’s breeding behavior. Cat’s breeding process begins with Queen i.e. female cat on heat and end with the delivery of litter.  This whole time when cat is ready to mate and breed, so much care is required.

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Breeding Season | How Do Cats Mate?

Usually, cats are ready to breed when they are on heat. The cycle of heat (4 steps) starts with Oestrus (Estrus) cycle and if cat successfully mates then she becomes pregnant. The cat would be ready to start being on heat right after the delivery of kittens. So this heat cycle could keep on going without any intervals. The biggest season of cat breeding is the “spring” and “summer”. Cats mate in these seasons because of many factors. Naturally, this season is good for breeding because the kittens could survive in a better way during summer time as compared to winters.

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Female Cat on Heat | How Do Cats Mate?

The heat cycle is normally clearly recognized by cat’s owners. The cat’s behavior changes completely and thus it becomes evident that a cat is ready to mate. It is always better to not put a cat for breeding until she is not above 1 year of age. The other measure here is to keep the cat safe from mating during the first ever heat cycle. The cat would not be able to conceive properly in such young age and it is best to let the cat become mature enough. Therefore, the best is to avoid first heat cycle (even the second one, if the breeding is not necessary).


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Mating of Cats | How Do Cats Mate?

If the cats are kept in controlled environments then there are no chances of unwanted pregnancies. Indoor cats are usually not able to mate until there is a tom cat living along with them. If some careless cat owners let their cat on heat go outdoor and roam freely then there are high chances that cat will mate and will conceive. In several cases, people do not find out that their cat was on heat and she gets pregnant without the owner’s knowledge. Some people do not even recognize that their female cat is having her first ever heat cycle and the cat usually breeds during this very first heat cycle.

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Behavior | How Do Cats Mate?

A Queen will be totally ready for a tom cat to mate with her and she would repeatedly call him. The female cats also spray during their heat cycle to spread the smell of their readiness for mating. When a tom cat sniffs it then he also stays around that area so that whenever the queen arrives again, the mating could happen.

A female cat would sit in front of tom cat with her posterior heightened (lordosis). A tom cat will approach and try to sit over the queen’s posterior with his both legs around her sides. The insertion of penis and ejaculation happens during less than a minute. Once a tom cat ejaculates, the queen shrieks loud. This is the completion of one successful mating. After that, queen would likely to take a break.

A queen would readily call the tom cat and the mating could keep on happening during several days until cat gets out of her estrus cycle. Once cat’s heat cycle is over, she would stop paying attention to the calls of male cat.


Male Cat Calling | How Do Cats Mate?

Male cat also respond to the queen in certain voice that is a call for mating. Whenever a queen will hear this call, she would run towards it. This whole communication or invitation of cats for mating is highly dependent on calling by these specific sounds.

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Aggression | How Do Cats Mate?

Another important matter to learn in “how do cats mate” is the display of aggression by cats. It is also possible that a female cat is not liking the tom cat and rejects him for mating purpose. Similarly, a tom cat could also reject a certain queen or feel shy. Normally, this rejection could result in some sort of aggression. The male cat would attack the female in order to repulse her. A female cat would also be aggressive and their is a possibility of a fight. Both cats could even injure each other; hence, it is best not to let reluctant cats bring closer for mating purpose.

Mating Time Period | How Do Cats Mate?

The mating lasts for few minutes. Once done, a cat would do it again if she is ready. Usually a queen would keep on licking herself and gets ready for another mating session. The interval between mating sessions could be around 30 minutes or even few hours. It is also not necessary that a female cat would go back to the same tom cat next day. There could be more than 1 tom cat if a cat is going outside for mating. The mating with multiple tom cats also lead to the possibility of having kittens of different fathers.




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