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How to Make Homemade Cat Food for Your Cats

(Last Updated On: 03/04/2017)

How to Make Homemade Cat Food for Your Cats

Home-made cat food includes homemade cat treats, homemade cat biscuits and other delicious cat food types. Some people need to make cat food at home due to certain reasons. For example, cats with UTI, cats with diabetes and cats with obesity need a very careful approach towards their diet. The processed cat food is not good in the long-run and must be replaced by organic homemade cat food.

We all love cats and we treat them like they are our very own babies. Those four legged furry friends are amazing pets to have around; they will give a great amount of love and can be excellent companions. Cats are also one of the most common pets found all over the world that can live in small apartments and also larger house. They will have grooming and food maintenance however may not need long walks like dogs would. In research it has been found out that the purring of cat is a source of relaxation in the body and lowers blood pressure as well. Nothing is cuter and more comfortable than a cat purring and rubbing its head or body against you. If you have a cat and love it to bits and pieces, taking care of it so that it can stay healthy and live long is also equally important. Food and diet is one of those things which can ensure a healthy life for your cat and for this the homemade cat food can play a very important part.

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One can make a healthy food for their cat right at their home. A food which is made fresh, hygienic, has no added chemicals and the best of all is made with love. Moreover the homemade food is a safer option for feeding your cat and is cheap too. The canned foods available in the market usually are full of chemicals and are processed foods, taking an example of the dry food and treats, they are the number one source of kidney problems, infections and stones in cats. Below mentioned are some of the best homemade cat food recipes for your cat which will certainly leave licking the bowl. Cat homemade food is definitely more delicious!


3 pounds chicken breast, 4 ounces liver, 2 eggs, 100 mg vitamin B, 2000 mg salmon oil, 2000 mg taurine, 1 cup water.


1.       Cut the boneless meat into small cubes and boil.

2.       Mix vitamins, salmon oil and taurine in warm water.

3.       Mix eggs and meat into the mixed water. Stir till the mixture gets consistent.

4.       Store in freezer and serve as per routine.

5.       One cup serving has around 250 calories.

Cat Food with Fish Recipe


Quarter cup brown rice, one cup of boiled boneless fish, one fish oil capsule, one table spoon parsley, one tablespoon calcium powder, half cup water.


1.       Warm the water and add brown rice. Cook at medium heat till all water is absorbed.

2.       Once rice is cooked, turn heat off and add boiled fish, parsley, calcium powder and contents of fish capsule.

3.       Stir till mixture is consistent.

4.       Serve only two tablespoons of this food as a complement to cat meals. Store the rest in refrigerator and use within one week.

Tips for Preparing Cat Food

§  Add very slight amount of salt while preparing cat food to encourage water consumption. However, too much salt can be harmful to cat’s kidneys and also encourage shedding.

§  Small amounts of boiled vegetables can be used, but gas-producing vegetables should be avoided. So avoid using broccoli or cabbage should not be used.

§  Food should not be stored for over one week in the refrigerator. In case it is being frozen then food can be stored for six month, but once thawed, the food should not be stored again.

§  Store the food in air tight containers to preserve freshness.


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