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Holding a Hamster

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Holding a Hamster

Hands must be washed before holding a hamster so that there is no scent of food etc. which may cause the hamster to bite the owner. Before picking the hamster, one should let it see and whiff the owner’s hands; the hand should be softly inserted in the hamster’s pen stroking it so that the hamster feels safe. Starting by presenting a treat to the hamster will lure it into the owner’s palm. Timid hamsters might just grasp the food and be gone, in such cases, place many tiny bits of food in the hand so that it cannot just snatch the entire item and run.

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The owner should put their one hand under the hamster and the other hand on top of it to lift it up, or scoop their hands under them to cup the hamster, leaving a hole for it to poke its head through. One should avoid holding the hamster too firmly and leave ample space between the hands.

Holding Hamster with a jar

Hamsters can also be held using a jar or a container by leaving it in the pet’s cage and then waiting for the hamster to climb into it. This method is the best technique for new handlers and novel hamsters.

Holding Hamster by coiling fingers

One can also lift the hamster with one hand by means of coiling their fingers around the hamster and lifting it up. This technique is excellent for hamsters who are accustomed to being held and for owners who are proficient hamster handlers. One should only carry the hamster like this for small distances.


One should never ever squeeze their hamster, specifically below the pet’s forelegs. Pressing a hamster might become a source for it to stop breathing.

When holding a hamster, be sure you’re sitting on the ground or are holding the small animal over a tabletop. Hamsters are known to make sudden leaps, and a fall to the ground could injure or even kill them. If your hamster tries to squirm away from you or bites you, it’s probably tired of being held. Put it back in its cage, and make a note not to hold it quite as long the next time.

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Hamsters are tiny, fragile and swift animals with sharp teeth. Thus, owner must pick them and hold them with proper caution.


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