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Havanese Dog Breed Details and their Temperament

(Last Updated On: 25/10/2017)

Havanese Dog Breed

Havanese dogs are little angels that are perfect pets. They contain all the characteristics that a pet should have. They are happy, active, smart, playful, loving, cute and easy to keep at home.

Body size

These toy dogs are small in size but they don’t appear as delicate as other dogs of similar size.

The average weight of this dog is 5-7 KGs. Height on average is also around 10 inches.

The face appears flat and all hair covered. The chest area is deep and appears to be lined with the forelegs. The stomach is tucked up and gives body a good proportionate shape.

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The coat of these dogs is long, soft and very light. The density of the coat is not much but the hairs are all around the body. Although it looks as if these dogs have double coat, but sometimes only the outer coat is present. The long hair could differ in texture, they could be silky straight or wavy and sometimes even slightly curly, but softness and lightness is always found in this dog’s coat.


These dogs come in variety of colors along with several patterns or markings. Colors could also be solid like white, shades of red, brown, shades of gray, cream, fawn or blue. The most common patterns or markings includes sable, black and tan, Irish pied, piebald, bi-colors etc.

The nose is always black with exception of being chocolate brown for brown ones only.


These dogs have dark deep eyes of almond shape. Eyes appear more intense due to dark pigmentation around the eyes.


Ears are long and they hang over the face without touching it because they are arched from the base of head.


The Tail of this small dog is long according to their body size. It is full of long hair that flows down when the tail is curled at the back.17426339 596851247178505 1277127053889904863 n 352x480 - Havanese Dog Breed Details and their Temperament

Temperament of Havanese Dog Breed

Havanese dogs are very playful. They always find games and keep themselves busy. They are very loyal and loving dogs. With a fun loving nature, they keep the owners entertained. These dogs are small dogs who love the company of other small pets. They love to share their house. It is advised to keep them away from big dogs due to their small size and any dangers associated with any bad encounters.

They happily go along with kids but they should be treated well. Training at early ages is very essential. They are quick learner and happily learn everything.

Only problem that come up with these dogs is that they are very playful and they also love tearing the stuff. So there could be so many household items that should be kept far from reach of these little ones.

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