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How to Handle An Undisciplined Cat

(Last Updated On: 19/04/2017)

How to Handle An Undisciplined Cat

Though cats are friendly, one may come across an undisciplined one and to handle an undisciplined cat can be tricky. Cats are the friendliest and one of the most beautiful pet one can have at their house but many times due to lack of attention they give their owner a hard time. The reason behind this is lack of cat grooming and not making cat realize that they are making a mistake, misbehaving or showing dominance to the owner. Usually cats scratch carpet or furniture or your clothes. Another problem that people usually face is their cat pee outside the area or the box. The solution for this is not hitting your cat or making her suffer. You just need to give her training and warn by giving punishment which doesn’t hurt the cat. 1420326 243089839182330 979696175 n1 - How to Handle An Undisciplined Cat

Use of Punishment for Training Cats

First thing you can do is use water spray bottle and spray a bit on the cat. Cats don’t like water, so after they scratch anything spray a little water to warn them. Hold the cat by scruff of her neck but do it gently. Another way is to stare at the cat. These things will not hurt the cat but they will know that if they do any undisciplined thing again, you will punish. Even if they do something horribly wrong, whack them with a small object gently but don’t hurt them because that is never the option. Try to be friendly and give them small warnings for anything bad cat does. Raising voice and also show them your hand but don’t hit them can also be a great trick to handle an undisciplined cat.

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