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Hamster Spaying and Neutering

tumblr n26idsCceP1qbmoiso1 500 300x225 - Hamster Spaying and Neutering

Spaying and Neutering Neutering hamsters is referred to as the removal of the reproductive organs, either all of the organ or a blatantly large part of it. This exercise is for male hamsters whereas the word Spaying is often used for female hamsters.

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Process of Breeding Hamsters

images2 - Process of Breeding Hamsters

Process of Breeding Hamsters Creating Familiarity Once the owner has it established that the female hamster has come into season and is ready for breeding, the owner will need to place the two cages of the male and female hamster together in a side by side manner for a few …

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Keeping a Hamster Happy and Healthy

Keeping Hamster Outside the Cage - Keeping a Hamster Happy and Healthy

Keeping a Hamster Happy and Healthy Keeping a hamster happy and healthy is a bit of a challenge even though Observing him in doing its amusing tricks in its cage is enjoyable in its own right, but hamsters can also be entertaining when put in open-air, outside their cage. When …

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Holding a Hamster

Holding Hamster in hands - Holding a Hamster

Holding a Hamster Hands must be washed before holding a hamster so that there is no scent of food etc. which may cause the hamster to bite the owner. Before picking the hamster, one should let it see and whiff the owner’s hands; the hand should be softly inserted in …

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Hamster Gender Identification Process

Hamsters Gender Identification – Process - Hamster Gender Identification Process

Hamster Gender Identification This article is aimed to provide hamster owners with the understanding as to how the hamster gender can be discovered. This process should be carried out after sexual maturity is reached. Hamsters usually mature when 4 weeks old after which it is imperative that owners start to …

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Hamster Housing

Hamster Housing - Hamster Housing

Hamster Housing The main thing to keep in mind when preparing for hamster housing is the cage, bedding, accessories and comfort; if you manage the first three well the fourth is guaranteed along with a well satisfied and a genuinely happy pet.

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How to Groom a Hamster

hamster grooming

Hamster Grooming Hamsters are little popular pets that many children love to have in their homes. This article provides with general guidelines on Hamster Grooming and the precautions necessary hence forth. Nevertheless, a balanced diet will keep the pet’s coat shiny and make it look well groomed.

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