Hamster Breeds

Hamster Breeds

Hamster Breeds The important hamster breeds to be kept as pets are introduced here briefly: Syrian hamsters (Mesocricetus Auratus) These hamsters are also commonly known as Golden Hamsters as well as Teddy Bear Hamsters, Standard Hamsters and Fancy Hamsters due to their gorgeous appearance. This is the most common pet breed of hamsters. The breed’s […]

Hamster Toys

Hamster Toys

Keeping your hamster happy Hamsters are fun and small pets that hardly require very low maintenance. Apart from being clean and well fed your hamster’s happiness also relies on entertainment which can be brought about by toys. You can choose to purchase gorgeous and lavish hamster toys but even cheap and simple ones will do […]

Common Hamster Diseases

Hamster Diseases

Common Hamster Diseases Here we are listing some of the major and very common hamster diseases: 1. Diarrhoea This should not be confused with wet tail as it is not that severe and can be cured easily. Prevention Do not over feed vegetables and fruits and if there may be a need to change your […]

Hamster Breeding

hamster breeding

Hamster Breeding Introduction It is essential for the owner to check out all the consequences of Hamster Breeding as it is a tricky practice to breed as well as manage the off springs henceforth. The most endearing specie, in the world, to hamster owners will be of course the babies of their hamsters. From the […]

Hamster Cage and Housing

Hamster Cage

Hamster Cage Size Normally Hamster cage is 19 x 19 inches square in width and 6 inches in height. There are mainly three types of cages for hamsters i.e. Metal wire cage, aquarium that can be made up of glass or plastic and the third one is connectable cages. Following are some pros and cons […]

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