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Hamster Toys

(Last Updated On: 27/03/2017)

Keeping your hamster happy

Hamsters are fun and small pets that hardly require very low maintenance. Apart from being clean and well fed your hamster’s happiness also relies on entertainment which can be brought about by toys. You can choose to purchase gorgeous and lavish hamster toys but even cheap and simple ones will do the trick, as long as they are entertaining your hamster will not notice the price tag.

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Types of Hamster Toys

Numerous varieties of hamster toys are available but here are the best types that any hamster will adore:

  • Wheels or Balls

Wheels can be made out of plastic or metal and they are available in different sizes. It’s best to purchase a few varying in size for maximum entertainment.

Wheels and hamster balls are great for exercise and excellent to keep your pet hamster busy while running around in them all day. Hamsters love to run inside balls and they can be left open in a room (after taking precautions) for added fun, this can be very entertaining for you also.

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  • Tubes

Tubes are great for exploration activities, they can also be used to hide inside or to run around in. a maze formed out of tubes can be an interesting choice while different toys inside tubes such as balls can effectively enhance enjoyment. Tubes need to be of the right size to avoid problems in movement or worse, the hamster getting stuck.

  • Digging toys

Hamsters enjoy digging a great deal and anything from a box full of bedding or a small sand pit can be an ideal choice. A dust bath can be a great choice as it can be nourishing for hamster’s coat and the pet will love rolling about in it. Make sure the box should be big enough to allowing the hamster to go inside deep for maximum entertainment.

  • Homemade Toys

If you are ready to be creative then homemade hamster toys can be extremely cost effective and engaging. All you need is to be slightly creative and pick up spare things lying around the house. Not a lot of effort is necessary for these some glue, scissors and string is mostly all that is needed.

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Cardboard tubes of toilet rolls can be connected to form an interesting tunnel, try to avoid decorating with colours as the hamster will love to chew on these and paint can be dangerous. Cartons can be stuffed with bedding material, hamsters will love to walk and explore inside. Small pieces of cardboard and other objects can be placed in a cage to serve as interesting obstacles, your pet hamster will love climbing and fall off them.

Toys at home can be also made using food items or treats to provide a purpose or a challenge for your pet. What better toy can there be than a toy that consists of an excellent treat after hours of fun? In the carton and bedding example above treats can be hidden inside the bedding. Other toys can be made with treats inside them which the hamster will love burrowing out or there can be treats present at the end of an obstacle which you hamster can grab.


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