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Hamster Housing

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Hamster Housing

The main thing to keep in mind when preparing for hamster housing is the cage, bedding, accessories and comfort; if you manage the first three well the fourth is guaranteed along with a well satisfied and a genuinely happy pet.

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A cage should be choosing according to the size of hamster, but the bigger it is the better as there will be more room for the hamster to move around in and more accessories will be able to fit in; the importance of which we will discuss later. There needs to be plenty of space for each hamster to have their own place in a cage while to be able to easily move around and exercise.

Height of the cage is equally important as hamsters like to climb and standing on their hind legs is a common behaviour, 18cm for an adult hamster is the least requirement. Staircases and upper portions can be added for further pleasure.

Wired cages have been known to hurt and cause major injuries to hamsters feet thus they should be mostly avoided. Solid cages are best and absorbable litter should be used alongside to line the floors.

Cleanliness is vital and only once a week is enough, before setting up a cage keep the cleaning factor in mind and make sure that your set up won’t be too complicated to clean weekly. Stored away food that is rotting should be removed, but if some is in good condition it might be better to allow the pet to have it. The cage must be completely dried before restocking it with any bedding material.


Many bedding materials are available for hamsters out of which the best ones are wood chipping and paper based bedding while wood shavings and sawdust aren’t bad especially for long haired hamsters as woodchips can get tangled.

The thicker the bedding is the cosier it will be, hamsters love to burrow and go deep inside.

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There are some necessary precautions that must be taken when choosing bedding materials, those treated with preservatives or perfumes should be avoided while pine, cypress and cedar can at times cause skin irritation. Synthetic bedding should be avoided at all costs as it is not safe.


Thinks of your hamsters’ cage as a child’s bedroom, the more it is equipped with toys and accessories the happier a child will be. Accessories are a vital part of hamster housing because they make the cage gorgeous as well as interesting, hamsters have a great need for entertainment. Adorable food dishes will make a cage pop out and add colour to it while various toys and tunnels will create an adventurous home for the hamster to live in.

Different accessories that each hamster owner must invest in are wheels or hamster balls for the hamster to roll around in, dens or little houses under which the hamster can hide in and tubes through which they can run and carry out their exploration activities. Sea saws, little obstacles etc. are some other types of toys that can be added, you may even be creative and use wooden boxes to create your own accessories.

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Hamster Housing

Hamsters are small pets that are kept in cages. There are various types of cages available to house hamsters as well as different types of bedding and accessories to add in the cage. Housing hamsters refers to providing the best living environment for a hamster to happily thrive in.

Placing the cage

Hamsters should be kept in a quiet area of the house that is dimly lit. Their cage must never be placed under direct sunlight because the heat may result in dehydration, especially if the hamster is kept in an aquarium cage. Direct sunlight will create a greenhouse effect in aquarium cages causing the temperature inside the cage to rapidly increase.

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Hamsters mostly fiddle with all types of climates and humidity but temperature from 50 F– 80 F is appropriate for them, the temperature should be kept constant to avoid respiratory problems.

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