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How to Groom a Hamster

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Hamster Grooming

Hamsters are little popular pets that many children love to have in their homes. This article provides with general guidelines on Hamster Grooming and the precautions necessary hence forth. Nevertheless, a balanced diet will keep the pet’s coat shiny and make it look well groomed.

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How often is grooming required?

Many people admire the reality that hamsters are natural groomers, that is, they require low maintenance and do a lot of self-grooming themselves, which makes them easy to keep as pets. However, it is still imperative that the owner takes care of their cages from time to time so as to properly provide them with clean living conditions. It is also necessary for the owner to keep an eye on the hamster to see if it needs any extra grooming in case its fur becomes dirty or too oily. Among breeds, long haired Syrian Hamsters would require more grooming than others and talking about gender, females will need it more. If the hamster is not grooming itself at any time, one will need to take it for a health checkup, it might have fallen ill.

Teeth trimming

By and large, the hamsters maintain their teeth to a small length by fretting. Even if these are too long, the owner should not trim the teeth themselves, but instead, take the hamster to a vet, who will trim the teeth professionally.

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Nail trimming

Generally, Hamster’s nails tend to remain small by the digging it does in its confine. Yet, if the owner establishes that the nails have grown long, one should trim these. In order to do that, one should trim a very small amount of nail with the use of a pet nail clipper that is available easily in the market. Care should be taken that one needs to avoid clipping or trimming a hamster’s nails. Mostly, a hamster takes care of nail-grooming itself.



Long Haired Hamsters: These hamsters require brushing as food particles, shavings, and other materials will tangle up in their coat and it might pose a challenge for them to get these out by themselves. Although the fur will not be very long, yet mattes might originate that can be eased out with a fine comb easily.


Short Haired Hamsters: If one owns a short haired hamster, then hopefully the brushing part will not be necessary in their grooming routine. Running your fingers through the hamsters might be enough to bring a shine to the coat of short haired ones.


Brushing Process: The process is simple and easy. A simple toothbrush will make a fine brush for a hamster. The pet should be picked up making sure that it is a relaxed position. Owners should keep talking to the hamster in a calm tone in order to comfort as well as engage it. Net the toothbrush should be placed on the hamster’s coat but not move it for a while so it does not panic. The brush should be rubbed back and forth to clean the pet. One can also add a little water to the brush if the dirt does not come off by dry brushing. The hamster should be brushed gently but quickly for a rougher effect.

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Hamsters should be explicitly avoided bathing since it will remove the natural oil from its coat and the chances of the hamster catching a cold will increase.

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The sand bath

Instead of giving hamsters a regular bath a sand bath is an excellent option. For this purpose, one has to provide a dish of chinchilla sand, and allow the hamster roll around in it, to get a sand bath himself. This will help them remove grease from their coat.

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