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Hamster Gender Identification Process

(Last Updated On: 25/10/2017)

Hamster Gender Identification

This article is aimed to provide hamster owners with the understanding as to how the hamster gender can be discovered. This process should be carried out after sexual maturity is reached. Hamsters usually mature when 4 weeks old after which it is imperative that owners start to sex the baby hamsters and isolate them by gender from four weeks straight on. Determination of the gender by the owner themselves will not only save money but time as well.

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Hamster Gender Identification Process

The Place
First, the owner will have to place the hamster in a plastic, transparent box for instance a trivial plastic aquarium.

In order to let the hamster feel at ease and to ensure that it does not panic, the hamster should be given a treat and some love.

Next the hamster needs to be turned over, very gently, so that is it up side down with the rear end facing the owner.

Looking for dots
At the backside the hamster’s genitalia needs to be viewed from underneath, focusing on two pink dots. If the dots are close together, the hamster is a female and if the dots are further apart, it is a male.

Gender and breed
Owners should also note which breed they own, in some breeds the genital areas are more visible than in others. For instance, all the male hamsters have testicles, even though dwarf hamster’s testicles are less visible as compared to the Syrian hamsters.

Female Nipples
Female hamsters will also have two rows of nipples that will be corresponding on either one side of the tummy. This will be fairly evident on short hair Syrian hamster as compared to other breeds.

Scent Gland
Another difference one can look for, in order to detect gender, is that a male dwarf hamster will have a scent gland close to the belly button.

Colon Mark vs. Punctuation
One can also see that the female hamster will have anal organs and sexual organs in a row just like an exclamation mark.  But in the case of a male, the presence of two dots in a line bears resemblance to a colon mark.

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Hamster Gender Identification – Noticeable Differences

There will two visible differences between the two genders:

Distance between the Sex Organs: If the hamster is a male, there will be a noteworthy distance between his anus and the male sexual organ. On the other hand, for a female, the distance between the anus and her sexual opening will be much diminutive.

The Bloated Rear: The male will also generally have a bloated back that will be caused because of the position of the testicles. Whereas, there will not be any such protrusion for the female.

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