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Hamster Cage and Housing

(Last Updated On: 27/03/2017)

Hamster Cage Size

Normally Hamster cage is 19 x 19 inches square in width and 6 inches in height. There are mainly three types of cages for hamsters i.e. Metal wire cage, aquarium that can be made up of glass or plastic and the third one is connectable cages. Following are some pros and cons that describe each type of cage suitable for different breeds of hamsters.

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Connectable Hamster Cage Types

Connectable cages


These give extra space to hamsters to play around with in the tubes and the tunnels connected, keeping the hamster busy and active.


These are not suitable for large sized hamsters as they can get trapped within the tunnels. Also there is poor ventilation and these get smelly very easily as it is difficult to clean the tubes and the connected tunnels.

Hamster Housing Cage Types Connectable Cages 300x199 - Hamster Cage and Housing

Metal wire cages


These are easy to fix and cheaper in price, helps the hamster to climb the bars which keeps them active and there is good ventilation as the air can cross easily through the wires; they can also be cleaned easily by detaching the base. These are long lasting as metal is strong and unbreakable and also hamsters do not chew on metal thus they won’t destruct easily.


Cages that have a wire mesh floor can cause injuries to the hamster so the floor should be solid. Metal rusts easily and is prone to temperature changes making it difficult to maintain a constant temperature inside the cage. The base has bars allowing litter and other meshed food chunks to scatter easily. These cages are not suitable for Dwarf hamsters as they can easily squeeze through the bars.

Hamster Housing - Hamster Cage and Housing

Aquarium Cages


These give a complete view of the hamster inside the cage and there is no chance of escape for any size of hamster. Hamster droppings cannot get out of the cage thus making it easy to place the cage anywhere in the house. These are safe since the incident of injuries is minimum.


There is very poor ventilation as air is only able to cross through the small hole on the cap only. Cleaning is difficult since the only possible way to clean is to open the lid of the cage and empty out all the contents first. These cages are heavy in weight and are expensive. If made of plastic, hamsters can chew easily on them.

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