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Hamster Breeds

(Last Updated On: 27/03/2017)

Hamster Breeds

The important hamster breeds to be kept as pets are introduced here briefly:

Syrian hamsters (Mesocricetus Auratus)

These hamsters are also commonly known as Golden Hamsters as well as Teddy Bear Hamsters, Standard Hamsters and Fancy Hamsters due to their gorgeous appearance. This is the most common pet breed of hamsters. The breed’s origin is the Syrian Desert.

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Syrians are the largest of hamster breeds and they normally grow between 12 till 16 cm in length. The length also depends on the gender; females grow more than the males.

Syrian Hamsters come in two hair types, i.e. long and short hair, and are extremely adorable little fellows as they are rather round, and look a lot like a tiny toy teddy bear. The fur of Syrian Hamsters is naturally brown or golden colored, every so often with white markings in it however they come in a large variety of colors. They have small eyes which are either black or red.

One should know that the Syrian Hamsters fancy living alone after 10 weeks of age, so one should house these hamsters in hamster cages that deliver plenty of exciting activities and toys to keep the little one occupied. If one cages these together, they might fight each other till death.

With apt care, they will have an average age of around two years although some might live for four years as well.

Dwarf Campbell Russian Hamsters

The Dwarf Campbell Russian Hamster is a more social breed than their Syrian friends and thus it is a popular pet. These are known by the names as Campbell, Djungarian, Dzungarian and Russian Hamsters. The breed’s origin is the Asia.

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These fellows look akin to the Syrian Hamsters, but are relatively shorter, they grow to between 8 till 11 cm long only. The normal coat color of this breed is greyish brown on the back with cream color on the sides and naturally a white stomach mostly.  If these are albino these can be simply identified by the stripe that runs down the center of their back which is called the dorsal stripe.

Dwarf Russian hamsters have a colonial lifestyle, meaning they want company and should be kept in groups. These hamsters can be housed in same sex pairs or groups of their breed on condition that these are introduced to each other at a young age.

This specie has an average life span of about two years if good care is taken.

Dwarf Winter White Russian Hamsters (Phodopus Sungorus)

Dwarf Winter White Russian Hamsters make a very adorable and unique pet. These are also called as Djunarian hamsters and Siberian hamsters. The breed’s origin is the Asia and Russia.

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These hamsters are small in size and grow between 7 and 10 cm of length. They are fairly exclusive for the reason that they change color with the change in seasons. They have a white coat during the winters and astonishingly the coat turns grey in the course of summer season. This hamster breed also has a stripe down the spine known as the dorsal stripe.

White Russian Hamsters are also colonial meaning that they like to live in groups or pair of the same sex. They should be put in pairs in large cages.

These hamsters have an average life span of 2 years.

Roborovski Dwarf Hamsters (Phodopus Roborovski)

This is one of the three dwarf hamster breeds, which are far smaller than the Syrian and Chinese Hamsters. This type is the smallest one and thus named as Roborovski Hamsters where Robos means short. These are also known as Mongolian Hamsters. This type does not fancy to be handled by someone, so these in fact do not make very good pets unless one just wants to delight in viewing their silly tricks and pranks. The breed’s origin is Mongolia.

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These are very tiny in size and only range around five cm in length. They have a sandy brown colored coat.

They are colonial in nature and are fine living in social pairs or groups of the same sex and relish to play. One should keep more than one of these in a large cage with ample space to play and sleep. This specie has an average life span of about three to three and a half years depending on great care.

Chinese Hamsters (Cricetulus Griseus)

This little specie of Hamsters is simply distinguishable because of the mouse-like markings that include black eyes and pink nose along with long and slender body’s similar to a field mice. These are also known as striped hamsters or Chinese striped hamsters. Their origin is Southern China and Mongolia.

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Chinese hamsters are multi colored little fellows with a brown and grey fur coat on the top and white bellies. These also have a somewhat longer tail than the other hamster species.

These type of hamsters grow 10 to 12 cm in length, so one should put these in the larger styles of hamster cages with sufficient variety of toys and activities inside the cage.

They prefer a solitary lifestyle and like to live alone while their average life span is of one to one and a half years.

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