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Hamster Breeding

(Last Updated On: 27/03/2017)

Hamster Breeding Introduction

It is essential for the owner to check out all the consequences of Hamster Breeding as it is a tricky practice to breed as well as manage the off springs henceforth. The most endearing specie, in the world, to hamster owners will be of course the babies of their hamsters. From the time they are born to the time they grow up playing, fighting, running around the cage, struggling, running on the wheel for that first time will undoubtedly be one of the most pleasurable experiences for the owner as well as the mother hamster. But, with pleasure comes the drudgery part.

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Breeding Requirements

It is imperative to decide some things before making the decision to go for breeding the hamsters. One needs to be sure about why they want to breed their hamsters. Immense care is required for the process to commence followed by care for the pups as well as the duty to provide loving homes for them.

If one really wants to breed just to keep more hamsters, then it is better to adopt hamsters to provide a loving home for stranded ones. One may need to reflect upon the adoption over breeding.

Number of Hamster in a Litter

The numbers of hamsters in a litter after breeding depend on the type of hamster. There can be up to twenty hamsters in a Syrian Hamster’s Litter, whereas, in a Dwarf Hamster’s litter, there will generally be around eight hamsters, but the number can also exceed in some cases.

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The Housing

It should be kept in mind that all baby hamsters in a litter will require good homes. It is essential that before deciding to start Hamster Breeding, one should make plans for housing the pups first. It is not a good idea to expect a local pet store to take in hamster pups; they usually do not take hamsters from new breeders as they already are getting supplies from their regular hamster suppliers.

Numbers of Mating

Dwarf Hamsters often mate again, after giving the birth to the litter. It is possible for them to mate within a time period that might be as short as twenty four hours after the birth of babies. Thus cages should be separated if mating is to be avoided.

Breeding Season

These adorable creatures are seasonal breeders. Normally, the breeding season for hamsters lasts from April to October. It should also be kept in mind that in cold weather, most hamsters will not breed. Yet, some pet hamsters can be bred throughout the year while they are being kept in captivity.

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