Golden Retriever Dog Breed Details and their Temperament

Golden Retriever Dog Breed

Golden Retriever are big dogs basically used for hunting. These dogs work as retrievers of the hunted birds or animals. These dogs have long coat and an inner coat, and they belong to the cold areas. Their country of origin is Scotland. This breed is very famous for its beauty and different feautres. This breed further has American and British types with slight physical differences. The British ones are usually heavier as compared to American retrievers. Their is a thrid type of these retrievers known as Canadian but this type is less famous.

Life Span of Golden Retriever Dog Breed

The life span of this retriever is around 11 years.

Body Size

The height of male dog ranges from 22 to 24 inches while females are few inches shorter. Weight of an average male Retriever is 65-75 KGs whereas females are around 60-65 KGs.

Golden Retriever Dog Breed



The basic color of this retriever is any shade of golden or cream.


The Retriever has a thick dense coat. The texture is sometimes wavy, but not curly. The coat is water resistant. The inner coat is very smooth and keeps the dog warm in winters and cool in summers.

The ears, legs and tail are feathered. The coat also becomes dark in high temperatures or with the passage of time.


The Retriever is a dog with a long muzzle, big pigmented nose, large nostrils, broad chest, furry medium length tail and droopy ears.

Golden Retriever Dog Breed

Temperament of Golden Retriever Dog Breed

Golden Retriever are so much fun loving and extra friendly dogs. They are so much in love with family. They are happy and always entertaining people around them. They never show any signs of aggression during playtime or while they are provoked by any stranger.

They are high on intelligence. They are very easily trained. They are highly sporty and energetic. They love to swim.

One big role played by this dog is as being a surrogate mother. They are very kind and affectionate.

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