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Get Rid of Cat Fleas

(Last Updated On: 05/05/2017)

Get Rid of Cat Fleas

One of the most common problems in cats is having fleas. Fleas are one of the most common parasites found on cats and are common all around the world. On the internet one may find many searches for the cat fleas and getting rid of it. There are many shampoos, conditioners, sprays and medications available for getting rid of these fleas. Fleas may bite into a cat’s scalp which will result in scratching and then wounds which may get infected even more. There are reports that fleas may even attack on humans. Below mentioned are some of the products which are excellent for getting rid of fleas.

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Bayer is a well known company for making medicines for humans and animals. The Bayer Advantage II Flea Control Treatment has proved to be very beneficial. The package comes with a six month supply of tube. The topical application may bring a change in your cats with fleas overnight. It can kill fleas, eggs and larvae. Killing fleas quickly is important, as it prevents them from laying eggs and helps reduce the risk of secondary problems, such as flea allergy dermatitis and tapeworms. Safe for all cats 8 weeks or older that weighs 9 pounds and above. The package has 6 month supply.

Another liquid which can be applied on cats in three doses to eliminate the fleas, lice and alsothe larvae and eggs is the Frontline Flea and Tick Control. FRONTLINE Plus for Cats and Kittens has 2 tough killing ingredients. The first, fipronil, kills adult fleas and ticks. The second is the (S)-methoprene, attacks flea eggs and larvae. They work together to kill all month long. This dosage will put a stop to ticks and fleas for a 30 day period, and if the house is also eliminated with fleas and ticks, then the result can be permanent.

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Another way to eliminate fleas is through capsules. There are many capsules available in the market however it is recommended that one gets the flavored one so the cat can eat it. One of these capsules is the Little City Dogs Chicken Flavored Capsules for cats and dogs of small breeds. The box comes with 12 capsules which have Nitenpyram which is an active ingredient for eliminating fleas and also putting an end to their breeding ground.

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If your cat doesn’t have fleas and you have heard that some pet in the neighborhood recently got them and you want to keep your house safe from it, then you should have the Victor Flea Trap. Once can plug this trap in their home, it has an odor which attracts fleas only towards it and soon as they get on the trap, the glue sticks them on the bottom and won’t allow getting on the pet, carpet or the furniture. Another way to get rid of cat fleas is through the Flea and Tick Collar by Bayer. This is a medicated collar which doesn’t allow tick or fleas to come on the body of your cat.

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