What Makes German shepherds and Labradors the Best Dog Breeds

German shepherds and Labradors are the best choice

When it comes to buying the best Dog breeds then German shepherds and Labradors are the best choice.  German shepherds and Labradors are highly intelligent and friendly breeds who don’t even need sufficient amount of dog training. Because of their high intelligence and ability to understand their surroundings and what their owners are saying, these dogs are naturally trained.

german shepherd and labrador

When it comes to buying a guard dog, a German shepherd is highly recommended. These dog breeds are alert and intelligent they can easily sniff a person trying to sneak in the house. They have a high sense of vision and smell and so can even fight with the stranger or may alert the house owners about a stranger trying to enter the house. Because of their intelligence, these dogs are also used by the army, police and other law enforcing agencies; and are also kept at dog training centers to train other dogs.german shepherd and labrador

For a perfect family pet, Labrador is the best choice of all among the dog breeds. This breed is super friendly and can never be a good guard dog because of its friendliness. A Labrador can greet even a stranger with immense love and respect. There hasn’t been any report regarding a Labrador attack, if there were any it was all because the dog was mentally retarded. german shepherd and labrador

One can find many Labradors at dog training centers where they are trained in social work which includes helping people who are blind, have amputated legs or hands. Labradors also fall under the category of working dogs and they are also used in police, law enforcing agencies and custom check-in at the airport. Because of their high sense of smell, they can easily sniff drugs out and also culprits who are under hiding during the encounter. German shepherds and Labradors are highly recommended pets to be kept at home, moreover they are low maintenance pets too.

german shepherd and labrador


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