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French Bulldog Dog Breed Details and their Temperament

(Last Updated On: 25/10/2017)

French Bulldog Dog Breed

Life Span

The average life span for French Bulldog is 10 years.

Body Size of French Bulldog Dog Breed

These Bulldogs have a small build. They have round features which makes them look fleshy. The bone structure is also heavy. Average weight is around 10 KGs and height is almost 1012 inches.

The head of this Bulldog is big and it appears a square due to flat forehead. There are grooves between the eyes which gives them very strong looks. The eyes are big and round. Eye color is dark and there is no whitening due to haw or looking around. The forelegs are smaller in size than hind legs. The tail is small and straight. Tail docking is very common for these Bulldogs.

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The coat of Bulldogs is very short, smooth and regular. The skin is loose specifically around neck and face which gives the wrinkly effect.


Usually, these small bulldogs are found with brindle, white, black, fawn, cream, black brindle and brindle & white. These are the recognized colors for Bulldogs. The lighter colored Bulldogs do not have darker area around mouth. But dark ones must have dark nose and flews.


The most prominent part of the face is muzzle and the cheeks. The nose is totally flat and only nostrils are visible which are quite small. The nose and mouth should be black in color except for the lighter colored Bulldogs. The skin around the mouth is hanging over the upper jaw and it also makes the lower jaw hidden under that. The under jaw area is perfectly fitted.


These Bulldogs have small but erect round edged ears that are quite similar to bats. The inner area of ears is pink. The ears do not have any long hair around them.

Temperament of French Bulldog Dog Breed

French Bulldog are perfect house dogs as they are lovely, friendly, loyal, protective and go well along kids too. The only thing about these little Bulldogs is that they are not much interested in training. However if they can be mold to learn commands and perform actions, then owner and trainer have to be very patient.

These Bulldogs are lap dogs. They are low activity dogs and can be kept indoors totally without any extra exercise routine. Although occasional outdoor activity is good but They have low stamina and they should not exert more than their desire.

They can share house with other pets happily. Although they could be territorial but it totally depends on how they are kept.

They are quite dogs and they don’t work as watch dogs. They could bark occasionally to alert they owner but not trusted to do it always.


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