Are Flea Collars Safe for Cats?

We’ve all herd about cat flea collars but are they actually safe for our cats? they are certainly quite handy and save our time but they are actually pretty dangerous.
Cat Flea collars come in different types
1. High frequency collars: These collars send out an ulta sonic sound wave which scares the fleas but these are new and havent been tested properly
2. Gas based collars: These type of collars creates a toxin which kills the fleas but the fleas will be killed if they come close to the collar.
3. Absorption based collars: This type of collar contains insecticide and that is absorbed inside the skin of the animal. Fleas are killed when they try to suck blood. But the insecticide can also be harmful for the animal.

A lot of different types of collars are found these days but the main problem with flea collars is that they are not made out of a elastic material. A lot of cats have chocked to death if the flea collar gets caught in something.
Some flea collars even have quick release which saves the cat incase it gets stuck in something.
These days there are a lot of other methods with which you can control the cat fleas and get rid of them. Using a cat collar is just not safe for the pet. A flea collar might kill the fleas but its also very harmful for the cat.
Cat fleas are also pretty dangerous to humans. Some people are allergic to fleas and because of that a small flea bite can make them sick.

We should always be looking for such methods which are safe for us and also for our pets.


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