Few Facts about Amazon Gray Parrots

Few Facts about Amazon Gray Parrots.

Amazon Gray Parrot Facts

⦁    African gray parrots are related to the Animalia Kingdom.
⦁    The male and female parrots look quite similar but the male parrot becomes darker with age.
⦁    The female parrots have a pale gray crown with dark gray edges. Skin around the eyes is naked and their beak is black.
⦁    Amazon Gray parrots approximately weigh around 400 grams
⦁    The love to eat fruits, seeds, nectar, pollen’s and can sometimes even eat insects and meat.
⦁    Once they are 4 years old they are ready for mating.
⦁    In captivity they can live up to 50 years of age. In wild they can reach up to 90 years of age.
⦁    When in danger they can use their feathers to fluff up and sometimes even bite.
⦁    They are one of the best breeds in parrots who mimic. In captivity they can learn to a lot of words and can mimic like the famous Amazon Gray Parrot named Einstein
⦁    African Gray Parrots play a vital role in the pollination of plants. They eat seeds and nectar and that helps the plants in pollination.

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