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Foods Which Keep Conures Healthy and Active

(Last Updated On: 15/04/2017)

Feeding Conures Different Healthy Foods

To receive the best company and charm from these wonderful pet birds owner have to offer them the best diet to make certain their lives are happier and their companionship lasts longer. Feeding Conures is simple but still knowledge is required to avoid any complications. It is a world known fact that the diet of Conures should be well stocked with seeds but that is hardly a perfect diet for a pet Conure thus it is essential to have knowhow of what’s best and what’s not.

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When and How much to Feed

Conures should have fresh supply of food throughout the day. They are not birds to overfill themselves thus they should be allowed to munch on food as they please. Fresh food must be layed out in the morning as breakfast is a necessary meal. Food can be replaced or variety be added in the evening. The fat content of food should be controlled by offering less seeds so the bird does not get obese.

What to Feed

As a common rule, any nutritious eatables (plant-based – fruits, nuts, vegetables, grains) that a person eats, can be provided to bird as well. There are many options for feeding a pet bird and make its diet interesting and nutritious.

  • Seed Diet

The fat content in seeds makes them the favorite food for feeding Conures. They hardly refuse a seed meal and some owners are under the misconception that their pets only eat what they need; in reality they eat what they love and they should be provided with a healthy diet.

Seeds are rich in fats and proteins but they lack other nutritional requirements. A Conure should be offered seeds mixed in its usual diet but if it is strictly on a seed diet it is bound to become obese, have higher cholestrol levels, have multiple nutritional deficiencies and be more prone towards diseases such as cancer; especially if it is not very active.

  • Pelleted Diet

Pellets contain equal nutritional values in every bite to fulfill our bird’s dietary needs. They are available in bright colors and interesting shapes with different formulas used in their manufacturing.

Though they fulfill nutritional requirements, it is unfair to the bird to offer it the same processed meal daily; a bird needs variety and fresh food for a healthy lifestyle. The colors and preservatives in a pellet diet are also a matter of concern and they can cause chemical build up in the small pet’s body. It is recommend to give a diet consisting of up to eighty percent pellets while constitute the remaining with fresh fruits, vegetables and nuts. This diet can also be offered on alternative days with giving only fresh foods on remaining days.

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  • Fruits and Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are an important and much loved dietary item for feeding Conures. Fruit and vegetables grown organically can be fed to pet Conure with their skins on. Their skins can be removed for better protection against insecticides, pesticides and other toxins and cut into pieces for easier consumption. It should be sure that fruits and vegetables are always fresh and if left uneaten, they should be removed from cages, as they start to mould.

Fruit seeds are a favorite item and they should not be tossed away; pomegranate, figs, grapes, melons, guavas, papaya, bell peppers, cucumbers, okra, pumpkins, english peas and squash provide some delicious seeds.

Dark leafy greens such as rapini, broccoli, turnip greens etc. are rich in calcium which is a necessary nutrient for a bird’s diet.

Prohibited Foods

Avacado, raw onions, chocolate, guacamole or raw milk products should never be fed to a Conure since they can cause extremely serious health problems in birds.


Water is essential for all dimensions of life. Fresh water must be available at all times. Water containers should be checked to be free from any dirt, clean water will prevent the birds from falling ill.

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