Famous Persian Cats and Their Toys

Famous Persian Cats and Their Toys

Cats have built-in mechanism to transform everything into a toy (Read: If I fits, I sits). We decided to ask few Famous Persian cats Toys on Facebook about their favorite toy and few of them have responded.


Cherry The Flat Face

When we asked Cherry, a beautiful fluffy flat face kitty cat about her favorite toy, she responded:


“My favorite toy is my pink ice cream truck. Mummy hand made the toy for me and it’s priceless. I love hiding in there especially when Brown Ball chased after me, the ice cream truck become my hiding place.”


Persian Cats Toys

Cherry is looking fabulous in the awesome ice cream truck. Good job Cherry’s mommy!


Miss Dolly – The Diva

Miss Dolly is another beauty on facebook. She has a son named Harry. Both of these beautiful cats keep the fans on their facebook page updated about their happening life. Miss Dolly loves to wear stylish costumes. She is always looking “Diva” in the literal way.

Persian Cats Toys

This is what Miss Dolly had to say about her favorite toy:

“I would have to say my Yeoww banana! which was a gift, but me and Harry don’t play with toys much. We prefer to play with straws even though we have a bag full of toys. We do sometimes play with our small footballs too; but that is about it. Mommy always tells people not to buy us toys but she was thinking of getting us some hexbugs as we like things dat move.”



Tipper & Co.

Persian Cats Toys

The gorgeous fluffy Persian cats gang on facebook named Tipper & Co. told about their favorite toys:

“We love the Fat Cat brand toys. Especially the ones that are catnip-flavored. We get them at our local pet store usually and they’re around 6 dollars per toy.”

Catnip toys sound really fun. Have any you had the experience of using the catnip toys?


Luna The Fashion Kitty 

Persian Cats Toys

Who doesn’t love the fashionista Luna, a beautiful kitty. She told us:

“I love any feather wand but also I like my turbo scratcher! Is less than $20 and you can find it at Petco or Amazon”

You can also share about your favorite toy in the comments section.


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