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False or Pseudo Cat Pregnancy

(Last Updated On: 09/05/2017)

False Cat Pregnancy

False pregnancy in cats symptoms are exactly same as of normal pregnancy. False pregnancy in spayed cats is more expected.

False Pregnancy in Heat

Cats which are no longer able to conceive because they are spayed or their tom cat is neutered enter into the phase of false pregnancy. It happens after an infertile mating session. This cat mating session could be simulated as well in order to calm a cat on heat. Sometimes, a cat on heat cycle is not able to calm unless she successfully mates. When cat is ovulating and she mates (even artificially), the progesterone level in her body increases which shows pregnancy signs even if she is not fertilized.

Phantom Pregnancy is another name for this situation.

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Signs of False Pregnancy

All signs of false pregnancy are similar to the real pregnancy signs and symptoms. A cat will act in motherly way. Cat’s eating behavior will also change. The abdomen area will swell and it will feel as if cat is really carrying kittens.

Spayed Cats

Spayed cats will show false pregnancy signs when these cats are spayed during their heat cycle. The cat’s estrus stage of heat cycle is the one which decides whether cat is pregnant or not. Cats conceive in estrus cycle and if the cycle breaks then cat’s body will react in same manner as it does during pregnancy.

How to Identify False Cat Pregnancy?

The only way is to take cat to the vet and have her go through ultrasound. But this is a costly method. Another easy way to find out is to examine the abdomen of cat and feel presence of kittens. The kittens inside the womb usually feel like small lumps type thing. If cat’s abdomen is plain round then it means there are no kittens inside.

How to Deal with Pseudo Cat Pregnancy?

The false pregnancy is not easy to handle. Sometimes it becomes frustrating for cat owners if their cat is showing this behavior. The persistent pregnancy behavior is tough to deal with. It is good to let the cat do whatever she does. The phantom pregnancy will come to an end after a certain period of time. It could even last for several months but there is hardly anything to be done.

Care and Attention

A cat would need a lot of attention and care during this period of false pregnancy. She might look for extra attention and would even act weird at times. Her habits would be different and she would refrain from playing with other pets. She would find secluded places and find areas that suit her nursing best.

The cat’s false pregnancy is a rare incident and one should not panic during such time. It is always best to spay the cat once she is done with her reproduction life. It helps in order to keep a cat safe from unwanted pregnancy during heat cycles.

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