Eye Infections In Cats

(Last Updated On: 31/01/2017)

Cats, especially Persians may get prone to eye infections very easily. If you notice your cat blinking unusually, giving you winks and liquid is being discharged from its eyes, then it calls for immediate vet attention. Persian cats usually discharge liquid from their eyes which requires daily cleaning and this very normal. But if you notice too much liquid discharge in any breed of your cat, and observe that your cat is rubbing its eyes very much then it is a clear indication of infection.

Eye infection in cats is usually caused by a bacterial infection or virus and this is very contagious. Mycoplasma and Chlamydia are the most common bacteria which cause eye infection while calicivirus is the most common viral infections in felines. Cats that are young and have a weak immune system are more immune to these infections and viral attacks. Older cats with good immune systems may also have very similar symptoms but they might be signs of renal cancer, autoimmune disease, Feline Leukemia and other diseases, vet attention is required in such cases.

eye infections 2 - Eye Infections In Cats

Symptoms and treatment of Eye Infection in Cats

Some other symptoms of eye infection in cats are that their eyes will swell and will become sore, there will be redness, the third eyelid may come out and will cover the irritated eye, sneezing and nasal discharge can also be a sign of eye infections in cats. Your vet may diagnose eye infection by first taking some samples of the discharged fluid and will test for bacteria and other living organism. This can prove the infection, for further confirmation, blood tests can be done along with cultural tests.

eye infections 3 - Eye Infections In Cats


If your cat has a bacterial eye infection, then its treatment can be very simple. They can be treated with antibiotics which are available in eye drops and ointments. Sometimes the vet may also advise on oral treatment and injections too.  Eye infections in cats caused by viral can also be treated through drops and ointments and other antiviral drugs. According to the symptoms, almost all eye infections and diseases look very alike in cats, but a vet can diagnose them properly after checking them through different tests. It is recommended that once you start seeing symptoms, you should seek immediate attention of your vet. Normally cats discharge fluids from their eyes which should be cleaned on a regular basis. Cleaning them with damp cotton swab or tissue paper can help clean them; you can also clean them with rose water to avoid any infection and to remove stains from the cat’s eyes.


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