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Early Signs of Spotting Cat Pregnancy

(Last Updated On: 09/05/2017)

Early Cat Pregnancy Signs

The early cat pregnancy signs starts appearing after third week of pregnancy. Its good to know about all the cat pregnancy information because it helps a lot to find out that what are the signs of pregnancy in a cat. Several cat pregnancy problems could be avoided by knowing about cat pregnancy symptoms. 

The pregnancy or breeding cycle starts from the cat coming into heat. Many people do not understand or just become frighten when their cat is on heat. Cats act weird during this stage because they are searching for their partner to engage into reproductive activity. How do cats mate and how they conceive is already discussed. So, one should make sure that cat was on heat and she has approached a right mating partner during that period to become fertile. 

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Cat Pregnancy Period

Cat pregnancy period is short (2 months approx) yet the cat pregnancy stages help a lot to understand what cat is going through. 

Important early cat pregnancy signs to look for

What if the cat’s owner does not know if she is pregnant or not? What if someone has just adopted/rescued or domesticated the cat and he or she has no idea about her mating activities. In such cases, the verification of pregnancy could be done by taking cat to veterinary care. The doctor will ensure the pregnancy by using ultrasound or X-ray methods. It is also possible that a qualifies person is able to read the physical signs that cat’s owner is missing.

These signs include: 

  • Pinking of nipples and enlargement in their size
  • Feeling the belly with hand 
  • Weight gain 

Pregnant Cat’s Behavior

Cat’s owners could also help the vet by providing information about cat’s behavior i.e., appetite, nesting, aloofness, lethargy, morning sickness etc. All these behavioral changes are quite evident for a person who is keeping cat for months. But for new owners of cats, it is best to confirm the pregnancy from medical examination. The reason to have the pregnancy confirmed is so that cat’s keeper is providing proper food and care to the expecting kitty. The diet requirements in pregnancy are higher and should be met in order to have healthy litter

Its important to know if cat is pregnant or not because pregnant cats need extra amount of food and care. Always check for early cat pregnancy signs otherwise cat might not get what she deserves during this sensitive period. 

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