I am King Donny, an Alpha Persian Male Cat. I am a Purebred. I am deaf, but I make up for it by watching everything around me, and screaming loudly when I don’t know where my Mommy is or if she is at home!!

Birthday 3/22/99
Registered CFA name- The Mischievous Mr. Biggles worth
Mother Dam- Margerite’s Patricia Fair
Father Sire- D J Forte of Clavier
Sister: Marie, born 09/01/99, died 07/29/06
Brother and Sister Twins, Rudy and Phoebe, born 06/27/01

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A Bad Day! Guess Where I am now

A Blackie Monday

Adventures in Mommy's Sewing Laundry Room

Being a Little Devilish

Easter is OVER! Time to UnDecorate!

Happy Thanksgiving 2012

Home Alone!

I am doing Better!!

I Don't Buy the Turkey All Gone Gestures!

It's a Sparkly Day Today

October is Ghost Season

Still a Play Boy

Supervising my Brother Rudy and Sister Phoebe

TGIF  I am Posing While Helping with the Laundry

TGIF! Anchors Away Take Two!

TGIF! Got Pumpkins

The Big One!

Thru the Looking Glass I Spy Mommy


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