Different Dog Toys You Can Get For Them to Play With

Different Dog Toys You Can Get For Them to Play With

Playing is fun; it provides the dog with an upright mental break, emotional stability and serves as a good stress reliever. Dog games will provide ample joy for the dog, give him all the attention he needs, bring him closer to the owner and even keep him away from any property demolition.

Dog toys

Time needed

Play does not necessarily mean time-consuming walks, long activity hours or doggie Olympic calisthenics, any level or any mode of bustle and activity will serve an affirmative purpose. 15 minutes is enough for most dogs to actively chase a tennis ball, dog ball or Frisbee.

Recommended Games

There are following recommended games and activities for dogs:

Agility Classes

Agility classes for dogs are in fashion where the dog has to pass through barriers on a specified track.

Dog toys

Tug of War

Another good game can be tug of war using a dog toy that will be both exciting as well as active exercise for dog, but make sure that the control of the game is with the owner.

Flirt Pole

Flirt pole consists of a simple pole or a handle that is tied to a rope with a toy attached at the end. This helps to train prey drives in dogs.

Water Hose

A water hose nozzle is set to shoot out jets of water and the dog is made to chase the jet.

Ball Games

According to a dog’s breed and temperament, playing ball games is a great idea as well; one can play fetch or soccer using a ball. It is one of the best dog games ever.

Dog toys

Simple Sports

Other dog sports include Fly ball, Lure Coursing, Disc Dog, and hiking.

Dog Toys

It is obligatory that the owner makes sure that the dog has plenty of toys to play with, more importantly if the dog is in its puppyhood. If the dog enjoys biting everything then a close eye needs to be kept at all times. Toys must be replaced when signs of wear and tear start appearing. In order to prevent boredom, dogs can be given around five toys at a time which should be switched out every other week. There are many toys available in the market that will help the dog keep away from boredom. These include:

Stuffed Toys

These are available in in a variety of shapes and sizes and can prove to be a dog’s best friend. The fabric of the toy must be silky and soft to feel good against the dog’s skin.

Durable Bones

This toy is made in the shape of dog’s favourite object on the planet i.e. a bone! The dog will love to play with it and chew it. Also, these are great for fetching games.

Dog toys


Flexi Bone Chew Toys

Pups adore tumbling their teeth into each and everything they find and this toy is great for dogs with chewing habits.

Squeaking and Grunting Toys

These toys are ideal to amaze and amuse pups with their unique sounds.

Other Toys

A large assortment of toys are available in pet stores, one just needs to determine what their dog will be happiest with.

 Dog toys


Remember, a full of activity, busy and bushed dog, is an exultant, glad, good and happy dog!

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