Dogs Breed – Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkshire terrier is a small dog breed with long hairs. These terriers originated from Yorkshire, England. Yorkies are show dogs and they come in toy dogs catergory.


Life Span

The average life span is 10-15 years. Some may live longer.

Body Size

Yorkie weigh only 1.5 to 4 Kgs.


This dog has a long, silky, shiny coat that consists of fine hair. The glossy coat is beauty of these little dogs. They have high grooming requirements and must be groomed on daily basis.


The puppies are born with black body and tan (above eyes, cheeks, legs) color with white patch over the chest and on toes. By the time they reach maturity, the color is tan and grayish blue saddle. The tail is even more deep blue. The tan shade should be consistent without any mixing of other color.

There are few Yorkies bred with other colors but they are not considered pure. Yorkies should always have silky coat, coats with other textures are difficult to groom.


Yorkie has erected big ears that are tan from inside.


Yorkshire Terrier are small dogs with high fighting spirits. They are always on a go. They are active and love to be around owner. They like to be touched and cuddled. These little fellas need attention and care just like children do.

Their popularity due to their amazing looks is very high all over the world.

Yorkies loves to chase the small animals.

Training the little Yorkie is somehow difficult. They also bark a lot. That is a good thing as they can be good watch dogs. But barking without reason leads to problem sometimes.

Yorkies are small that’s why should be kept with little care. It is best to keep them in house of grown ups. Yorkies would not like to share the attention of their owners and also they want to stay in the lap and act like small kids. So people who do not have kids, they could be happy with Yorkies.

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