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West Highland White Terrier Breed Information

(Last Updated On: 25/10/2017)

West Highland White Terrier

West Highland white terrier or “Westie” is very famous pet dog. They contain all the Terrier characteristics along with being unique in terms of their appearance. Small yet highly active and smart White Terriers are very easy to keep as pets.

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Life Span of West Highland White Terrier

The average life span of Westie is around 15 years.

Body Size

Westie are small dogs. Average height of Westie is around 15 inches. Maximum weight of Westie does not exceed 10 KGs. Legs of Westie are small but considered bigger than any other Scottish dog breeds. Tail of the dog is straight, short and fluffy. Tail docking is common but not advised unless it is really needed. The face of the Westie is also covered by hair and that’s why it appears round. The mouth is small and jaws are perfectly fitted. Nose of Westie is pure black. Puppies sometimes have pink marking on the nose but they turn black after reaching adulthood.


Westie has double coated hair where inner coat is short, soft and thick; while the outer coat is long and appears rough. Grooming is possible by hand stripping. Hair could be trimmed occasionally.

Westie are always white.


Eyes of a Westie are dark and appear like a shining button from a hairy face.


The ears are pointed and triangular in shape. The inner area of ears appears pink and looks prominent over white fur.


Although, Westie is a small dog but it is no less than any other Terrier. They are very active and sharp with very stubborn nature that sometimes leads to difficulty in training. Best way is to keep train them at early age.

Hunting is a natural instinct and that is the reason behind the constant curiosity and hyper-activeness of this small dog.

All Westie dogs do not have similar behavior. Some are over friendly and they go easily with kids and other pets around. But some are very reserve and they like to stay in solitude. Still all of them are very much loyal to the owners and take care of the family. They are considered best watch dogs because of their barking habit.

West Highland White Terrier should be kept safe because they have habit of chasing prey. This habit can take them to very dangerous situations.

Although, they appear cute, small, cuddly dogs but they are totally opposite of their appearance. They are very independent and somehow they show this attitude by not listening to the owners.

Westie are fun loving and lovely, but being a Terrier, they require a list of activities to keep their energy level normal.

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