Dogs Breed – Shih Tzu

Shih Tzu

Shih Tzu is a toy dog breed. This dog is very small and that is the reason for its preference to keep as pet. The major feature of these dogs is their silky and long hair. The country of origin of these dogs is China and they are also called Chinese Lion Dogs.


Life Span

The life span is 10 to 16 years.

Body size

This dog weighs only 4 to 8 KGs and are very compact. The height of average dog is around 8-11 inches. The body is longer as compared to the height.


This dog has very small muzzle and they look very innocent. The ears are droopy and totally covered with hair. They eyes are big and dark. Tail  is also full of long falling hair. The tail is set high at the back.


It has long silky hair. The coat is very fast growing and usually difficult to groom. Different clips are used to keep the coat manageable and easy to groom. These dogs need high level of grooming. This grooming factor should be kept in mind before selecting these little dogs to keep as pets because if they are not groomed on daily basis, the hair would get tangles.



This dog has a wide range of colors.

The most prominent colors are white, brown, cream, black and white, brindle and white, gray and white, liver and white.

The color of nose, lips and paw pads is derived from the color of coat in case of blue and liver colored pigmentation.


Shih Tzu are small happy dogs kept as good companions. These dogs do not have a standard behavior but mostly they go well as pets. These small dogs could be kept with other small pets but it is not advised to keep them with large dogs. Similarly they should be kept safe from hands of children so that they don’t get hurt in accidents.

These dogs are good with socialization and could be taken out easily.

Although they are very hard to train because of their low intelligence, they are very popular pets. Their compact size makes them desirable.

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