Dogs Breed – Pug


Body size

Pug are small toy dogs. The weight of average is 8-10 KGs. The female is around 6-8 KGs.

The height of male is 12-14 inches and females are 10-12 inches.

Body Color

The colors could be different shades of fawn and black. Mostly found shades of fawn are apricot fawn and silver fawn.




The body of this dog is bulky and squared shape. The legs are straight and of visible length. The chest area is broad and bony. The lower jaw is fixed in position of under-bite. The facial area is wrinkly and flat. There are folds around eyes and above nose that is called rope. Nostrils are small and nose is also flat.

The ears are small and either they are erected (button style) or they are folded over the head (rose style). The size of ear is same in both styles. The erected ears are preferred for typical dog of this breed. They have curled tail which is high set over the back.

Life span

They live for 12-15 years on average.


Pug are very popular pet dogs. They are small, attractive and very smart. They are best companions for humans. They love to love their owners and demand the same from owners. They are lap dogs and want to stay with owners all the time. As these dogs are small, they are fun loving but the activity level is low. They just like to be cuddled and touched all the time. They are not sporty and just a little walk is enough outdoor activity for them.

They are very much endangered of being over heated. They should be kept indoors where the temperature is low. Also they should stay indoors so that they don’t get lost.

They usually end up over eating and this leads to obesity. The food intake should be monitored and given according to need. Once they start eating then they cannot stop themselves.

These dogs usually adopt bad habits if they are being ignored. They are entirely dependent on humans and they cannot tolerate that they are left alone for longer period of time.

These dogs also snore, sneeze and they also fart very often. As they just totally love humans, they are not alerted by the sight of some stranger. They don’t bark much which also make them poor guards.

These little dogs leave a very strong impression on the people who get to know them. They are tiny packages of entertainment and companionship.


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