Adorable Poodle Breeds and Their Temperaments

Poodle Dog Breed

Poodle are square shaped dogs as their height and length are same. They are well shaped dogs and look smart. They are basically water dogs. Their origin is from Germany and France.

Standard Poodle

The average height of standard dog of this breed is above 15 inches. This type is used in hunting and several other purposes because they can be trained really well.

Poodle Dog Breed


Miniature Poodle

The average height for Miniature dog of this breed is around 11-15 inches. The miniature version was created for the purpose of keeping as pets.

Poodle Dog Breed

Toy Poodle

Toy or tea cup sized dogs of this breed are less than 11 inches in height. This is mostly kept as a lap dog.

Poodle Dog Breed



The eyes are oval and dark. Ears are hanged above the cheeks, usually are hidden under the curly coat.


They have a single dense coat that is curly in texture. Different types of pet clips are adopted by the owners to keep the coat easy to maintain. These are dogs that require high level of grooming otherwise their coat could get matted.


They come in a huge variety of colors. These colors could be either solid of combination of 2 or 3 colors. They colors could also form patterns like brindle and phantom.

Temperament of Poodle Dog Breed

They are smart, caring, cheerful to keep as pets. They are very famous pets too.

They are very much intelligent and easy to house train. They consider themselves smart like any human, and they are indeed. They are best companions and they amuse their owners a lot.

They are active and love to play. Swimming is also their favorite hobby. They are very easy to keep with other pets due to their friendly nature.

With a little training, they turn out to be best pets and life long friends. If proper training is not given then there are chances of bad behavior shown by these dogs, specially by the smaller sized ones. They should be kept by people who love to walk and get engage into physical sports.


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