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Adorable Papillon Dog Breed Information and Their Temperament

(Last Updated On: 27/04/2017)

Papillon Dog Breed

Papillons are small beautiful dogs that are very famous to keep as pets. Their compactness and obedience are features that make them preferable to keep in house.

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Life Span

Average life span is about 15 years.

Body size

These are small. Their height is maximum 11 inches. The average weight is around 4 KGs. They are really small and toy-like with this body size and beautiful appearance.


Being a Spaniel dog, their coat is long, soft, silky and flat. There is no undercoat, only long hair or fur that grows more with the age. Apart from body hair, this dog is famous for its fringes around its ears, face and neck, which gives a look of butterfly wings to their face.


They comes in variety of colors that appear along with white. Diluted reds, lemon, brownish black and pure blacks are the colored parts of a pure bred dog. The butterfly shaped hairs (covering all ears and area around eyes, cheeks) are always colored and the rest of the body can either be patched or just solid white.


Eye color of a standard dog is dark brown or black. The eye-rims should also be black.


The ears are totally covered with fringed hair. Ear are big and erected and they are triangular in shape.


The Tail is standing high and is totally covered with long hanging hair. It appears like a fountain.

Temperament of Adorable Papillon Dog Breed

This toy-like creature is a happy, active and smart looking dog. Papillon are active and fast too. They love to participate in every activity regardless of their size limitations. They are very fond of their owners and love to spend time with them. If left alone frequently, they could develop bad habits. They are very sensitive yet fearless.

It is not advised to keep them with larger dogs or kids. They are very delicate and they could be harmed if someone holds them in a wrong way or step up on them. Only small pets should accompany these little ones so that they do not feel uncomfortable.

These dogs need so many activities to perform. They should be given proper toys to play with. They should be taken along for walk and any sports.

They should be kept indoors as they are very small and could run away very easily. Curiosity of this little fragile animal could lead it to many dangers.

These little dogs are puppies forever due to their small size and immature habits.


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