Dogs Breed – Newfoundland


Newfoundland (Newfies) is a giant dog breed. They come under category of working dogs and they have natural instincts to participate in different activities.

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Body Size

Being giant dogs, they weigh a lot and have a plump body that is covered with fur. The bone structure is also huge and adds mass to body.

The average weight of male Newfies is 80-90 KGs and the weight for females is 60-70 KGs. There were cases when weight of Newfies exceeded 100 KGs.


Average height of Newfies is around 30 inches while females are few inches shorter.

Life Span

Being a large size dog, the average span of life is around 10 years.


Newfie has a thick double coat. This coat is water-resistant and that is why Newfie is so fond of swimming. The coat is flat and needs regular grooming.


There are few basic colors for a standard Newfie. Black, brown, gray and white/black markings (Landseer) are very common.


It has dark eye color.


The ears of are covered with fur that has excessive long hair. The ears are droopy and big.


The tail is long and furry.


The name given to Newfoundland is Gentle Giant, which shows their calm nature yet powerful personality. The size can create problems sometimes because people usually don’t want to keep such huge dogs at home. But all those who already have Newfies would agree that they turn out to be best family dogs.

This dog usually doesn’t have any specific behavioral problems but they should be trained properly because they cannot adjust inside house with such big size.

This is happy in the company of kids. But proper care should be taken to keep the toddlers away from these giants.

It should be taken for outdoor activities daily. They cannot stay indoors all the time otherwise they would become destructive with household items. Keep them low on energy by taking them to regular exercise and sports.

Swimming is considered their favorite hobby and their body is build in such way that encourages them to be good swimmers.

They are lazy somehow and not as protective and keen to keep as watch dogs. They bark often but that is not considered enough for a watch dog who is inactive.

They love attention and they love to be around their owners but they are intelligent enough to understand the situations and act accordingly.

Newfies are overall perfect to keep as family dogs, but require care and work out.

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