Dogs Breed – Miniature Pinscher

Miniature Pinscher

Body Size

Miniature Pinscher is only 10 inches high on average level. Pinschers have long bodies as compared to the height of body. The average weight is around 8-10 pounds.

Small Pinschers have very compact body.

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The coat is very small shiny and smooth and doesn’t shed.


The colors in which Min Pin are available vary a lot. Different shades of stag red (chocolate, fawn, and blue) and black with tan points are common in them.


The ears of Min Pin are big and erected. They are triangular in shape and often ear cropping is done but it is highly forbidden. They have fox like face but smaller in size. Legs are thin and straight, apparently no bents appear when Min Pin is standing.


Miniature Pinschers are small but fearless. The tiny creature has got so much energy inside it which it utilizes to amuse its family. Min Pin are very family oriented and loving. They are active participants of family. They love to sit, cuddle and sleep with the owners. Min Pin are curious dogs, they chase running objects around, that’s why they should not be allowed to be outdoors without leash. They also end up eating small objects which is highly dangerous.

Min Pin make good watch dogs as they bark on arrival of strange footsteps on the door. Min Pin needs daily exercise to maintain their energy level. They love their house and try to be nice. They could be trained very easily. Min Pin might get scared if left alone for longer time. It should be kept with those animals only who are not aggressive, although Min Pin are ready to fight back but their size doesn’t allow them to fight in a real way.

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