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Labrador Dog Breed Details and their Temperament

(Last Updated On: 27/04/2017)

Labrador Dog Breed

Labrador Retriever is world’s most popular dog breed. These dogs are used in several activities apart from hunting. They are used as guard dogs or in medical assistance, law enforcement and several other social activities. The origin of these dogs is Canada. This dog breed was called St. John’s water dog previously but after introduction to European countries, it was named after the area of its origin. Newfoundland dogs are cross of other dog breeds with Labrador dogs.

Labrador Body Size

They are big dogs with the weight ranging around 60-80 KGs on average. Females are less heavy. The height differs but the standard height is 22-25 inches, while females are few inches short.

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The coat is short, water resistant and dense.


These beautiful dogs are available in black, shades of yellow (cream to orange) and chocolate. Colors are solid and without any kind of markings and patterns.


This dog has big head, ears hanging close to head, eyes are dark and expressive, muzzle is medium long and jaws are well-gripping with a curved upper jaw (not very hanging to form any wrinkles). The tail is of medium length, thick and furry.

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Temperament of Labrador Dog Breed

These retrievers are work dogs and used for many purposes. But they are equally popular as house pets.

Police and military activities such as following scents, tracking and identifications are done by their help.

They have a very calm nature and they don’t have any behavioral issues. They are smart, intelligent and easy to train.

They are best retrievers in the world and they participate in many retrieving activities.

This dog is a best house mate. They are equally good with animals and other dogs.

Although they are good natured but they also have a tough side that is only handled by proper training. They are also very independent and bit rowdy.

These dogs are not considered good watch dogs, although they can bark after some unusual sounds or noises but they are easy with strangers.


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