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Boxer Dog as a Pet and Their Temperament and Breed Details

(Last Updated On: 25/10/2017)

Boxer Dog Breed

Boxer comes under category of working dogs. They make lovely pets and are very famous.

Body Size

It is a medium size dog with athletic body. The average weight of the dog is around 30 KGs and females are 28 KGs. the height of the male is 22-24 inches and females are 21-23 inches.

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The coat of this dog is very short and it gives them a shiny smooth look.



The basic colors in which these dogs come are fawn and brindle with white markings over chest, belly, feet and face.


The unique feature of these dogs is that their lower jaw where the canine teeth are pointing upwards. This strong hold gives them strength to hold up things tight in their mouth. This feature helps them to catch the hunt tightly.

The overall face of these dogs appears square. The face has bit wrinkly appearance. The chest is broad.

The back of the dog appears sloped when they are in standing position. They have thin and medium length tails which are sometimes docked, but it is not much preferable.

The ears are small triangular and fallen. The forehead is broad and ears are placed distant. Forehead also contains wrinkly effect and there are grooves between eyes.

Life Span of Boxer Dog Breed

The average life span of Boxer is 10 years.

Temperament of Boxer Dog Breed

They are highly energetic and fun to be around. They are not very friendly with strangers so they can sometimes try to knock them down. Their training is easy and they are quick learners.

These are good house dogs and they manage to live with kids around. They are very hyper active and needs proper exercise and activities.

They find activities like chewing stuff and digging when they don’t find any other activity so that could be stopped by providing them other ways to lower their energy.

They are good watch dogs. They are very alert and they do not like intrusion of strangers and they are very much likely to attack strangers.

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