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Bloodhound Dog Breed Information and Their Temperament

(Last Updated On: 25/10/2017)


Bloodhound dogs are dogs with sensitive nose.

Life span of Bloodhound

They have life span of 10 to 11 years.


They have athletic body. They weigh a lot because of muscular body. The size of average dog of this breed could be around 50 KGs. The height is measured to be maximum 27 inches at the withers.


These dogs have small dense coat with no presence of extra long hair on the body.


They usually come in dark colors like tan, black and shades of red.  The color patterns are different and some of them are standardized. Most common color patterns include:

Black and tan saddle type, where saddle, nose and eye rims are black.

Blanket type with black and tan or liver and tan, where darker color covers the upper body.

Liver and tan saddle type, where saddle, nose and eye rims are liver colored.

Pigmented colored with either red and liver or red and black.

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Scenting ability

Bloodhound have natural ability to smell scent trails. The nasal chambers are big and also the wrinkly skin around jaws and neck helps them to keep tracking the scents.


The ears of these dogs are large and they hang over the cheeks upto the neck area. The ears are very helpful during scent tracking as they keep the scent particles from flowing away with wind while nose is busy in identifying the scent.

Temperament of Bloodhound

This dog is a real challenge for the owner. They are stubborn and arrogant and do not listen to the commands at all. Although they have qualities of the house dogs but the training part is really challenging and it could be only done by those who have got time and patience.

These hounds are big dogs. They bark and howl very loudly. So there are chances that many people stay scared of this pet dog.

House training is also not easy so owners are required to take extra precautions against their stuff. These hounds would almost chew every household item that is accessible.

They are so loyal and friendly, yet the only bad behaviors rise if they are treated in bad way. They expect the love back from owners.

These hounds are very extrovert, so they should be kept in fenced areas otherwise they will run after any appealing smell and then might encounter some danger.

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