Dogs Breed – Bernese Mountain Dog


Bernese Mountain Dog is a big size dogs with a considerable length which is more than their height. These dogs have a athletic build and are very active.

Body Size

They are big dogs with the weight of 50 KGs for males and few KGs less for females.

Similarly the height of males is around 27 inches maximum and females are few inches shorter.

Life Span

The life span on average is less than 10 years.




This mountain dog has a double coat. The outer coat has long thick hair that stands over the body beautifully. They need regular grooming to stay out of tangles and they also shed a lot.


This dog breed comes in combo of three colors; black, white and rust. The whole body is black except the chest area where white hairs form a swiss cross shape. Similarly white appears on the face, a wide line starting from forehead comes down and covers the muzzle area around the nose and upper jaw. The rust color markings are above the eyes, around the mouth and over the front legs. Rust color can also be found on the chest in form of small patch.


The eyes of these mountain dogs should always be black otherwise the dog would not be considered pure bred.


The ears are far apart, long and round from edges but overall triangular in shape. Ear color is black.


The Bernese Mountain Dog are companions who take part in activities and love to stay with family. They love the owners and express it with their actions.

Intelligence is a big trait of that breed. They are quick learner. Although they are not much high on activity scale, yet they need to exercise and stay active.

These mountain dogs can be kept with kids and other animals. But they might chase some small animals so they should be trained to share house with other pets.

Main traits of these mountain dogs are their calmness, affection, love and loyalty. They are easy to keep in house. They are not very social and might feel shy around strangers.

These dogs somehow entertain the owners by their immature actions. They take time to be mature and to have a calm nature.

Updated: 31/01/2017 — 1:21 am
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