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Beagle Dog Breed Details and Their Breed Information

(Last Updated On: 25/10/2017)

Beagle Dog Breed

Beagle dogs are used as hound dogs mostly. They come under small dogs’ category and they are very active ones because of their compact size and body. They are famous for their power of smell. They have nose that can smell things from far distances and that is why they are used during hunting.

Beagle Life Span

They can live up to 15 years but as they are hound dogs then they are prone to accidents and danger of getting injured.


These dogs are small in size. Their height is around 13-16 inches and they weigh around 10 to 12 Kg. Male are bigger in size as compared to females. The body appearance is hefty and they look healthy. They have smaller legs as compared to other hound dogs. The neck is designed so that it could bend towards the ground to pick up smells easily. The tail has a white tip and it is always erected upwards during hunting or any activity.

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These dogs have a dense but very trimmed coat. The coat doesn’t make the dog go all damp and wet if it is running in the rain after prey. Due to this feature, dog can easily move around and even inside water.


They usually have a patched body with different colors. Most prominent colors are white and black along with gold, brown and shades of chocolate. Beagle that are bi-colored always have white as a base color and second color could be in the form of patches or pattern. Sometimes the black color gets faded as they grow old and it turns into brown or tan.


The most prominent feature of these dogs is the head, which is usually big in size and also its length. The forehead is domed shaped and large. The muzzle area is also big and square. The jaws are perfect and shaped like a square.


Eyes of of this breed of dogs are set apart and are prominent. The color is usually shades of browns. The dark eyes are usually preferred.


They have large floppy ears that lower towards the cheeks. Ears are soft and they are round from the end. The ears give these dogs a very sweet look.

Temperament of Beagles

Beagle is considered very gentle and calm natured dog. They are happy by nature and love to play. They are friendly with the owners but not with the outsiders due to their protective nature. But they can be made friends very easily. They can be kept with kids and other pets around. Somehow they can be offensive because they bark a lot. They usually follow smells a lot and that is the reason their mind is always after any particular smell. So they hardly listen or pay attention to what you are training or commanding. They should be kept safe with fences around otherwise they would happily run after some far coming smell and start chasing it. Apart from some unusual happening, They don’t adopt any bad behaviors if kept with love and proper attention. They should be kept busy like other pets so that they don’t get bored and don’t start doing something destructive.

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