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Australian Shepherd Temperament and other Information

(Last Updated On: 25/10/2017)

Australian Shepherd Dog Breed

Australian Shepherd is a herding dog breed and has perfect work dog characteristics.

Body Size

These dogs are sized just like any domestic dog. Average weight of males is 25-29 KGs and females are 18-25 KGs. The height of male dog is around 23 inches while females are few inches shorter.

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The outer coat is longer which could be straight or slightly wavy. Inner coat is dense and soft and used to keep the dog warm in winters.


Aussies come in various colors with the different combinations, while white is always present in form of patches.

These colors include:

Black, red, blue merle (marble black, white and gray) and red merle (marbled red, white and buff).

There could also be copper markings along with white all over the body.


Aussies have various eye colors like black, brown and blue. Those with blue eyes have a larger tendency to be deaf or blind due to genes impairment which lead to pigmentation disrupts. Odd eyed Aussies are also found. Similarly it is common to have a split eye where half eye is brown and other half is blue.


The Aussies have different tail lengths. Some have natural bob tails, others might have a bit longer tails with bob look and some have longer furry tails. Tail docking is also very common but it is not advised.


The ears of the Aussies are medium size long, triangular in shape with rounded edges and fallen over the sides of head.  The ears are far distant providing a big forehead area.

Temperament of Australian Shepherd

The basic instinct of herding makes the Australian Shepherd very work oriented dogs that love activities and are highly enthusiastic. Aussies are willing to learn and they could be trained easily. The response while training is quick and they show interest.

Aussie share a good relationship with owner, they display affection, loyalty and love. Aussie likes to be around humans and they prefer the human-dog relationship.

Activity level of Aussie is high so owners have to take them for regular exercise and sports. Also, Aussie should not be kept indoor all the time, they need to go for walks.

Aussie is territorial too, so strangers need to be cautious because Aussie can go to any extent to protect the house.

Aussie are good and happy dogs to keep in house but they should be loved back with same devotion otherwise dog will start feeling neglected.


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