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Everything You Need to Know About Alaskan Malamute Dog Breed

(Last Updated On: 25/10/2017)

Alaskan Malamute Dog Breed

Alaskan Malamute dogs are one of their kinds. They are such loyal, sweet and calm as opposed to their general appearance. Being Alaskan, the job they have assigned is sled pulling. They are crossbred often with other sled dogs too.alaskan malamute 300x273 - Everything You Need to Know About Alaskan Malamute Dog Breed


Malamutes are heavy dogs with plump bodies. They are not obese but are very muscular and athletic in size. Training such a heavy and strong dog becomes a big task sometimes. Being powerful makes them a bit tough learners.

The weight of an average Malamute is around 40 KGs whereas females are around 30-35 KG.

It is very important to give Malamutes physical activities because the power and energy they contain should be consumed daily.

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Being Alaskan means Malamutes have to fight with harsh weather conditions. The coat of a Malamute is thick and dense. It has two layers. The inner coat is small and very dense but soft. It keeps the body from drying in cold weather by producing oils and protecting the skin. The outer layer contains hairs that stand off the body and they are less dense but long. Tail is also furry and used to guard face and nose during sleep time in winters.


Alaskan Malamute comes in combinations of lighter colors. Shades of grays, seal and diluted reds along with white are most common. Body also contains variety of markings around neck, face and ears. The inner layer of Malamutes is sometimes darker due to presence of Agouti gene and it gives intense looks.


Malamutes have almond shaped eyes with different shades of brown. Their eyes are intense and give them those powerful looks that go by their personality.


Malamutes have wedge shaped ears that are distant from each other and located at the sides of skull instead of standing over the head. The ears appear to be smaller on the face because the face is bigger in size.

The muzzle area of the Malamute is also broad and dark and again, it gives the intense looks to the dog’s personality.

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Malamutes are powerful yet quiet dogs. They make best pets at home due to their peaceful nature and they don’t disturb the household items like other dogs. Being strong makes them difficult to train but definitely it is achievable if done with consistency. Malamutes don’t listen to the commands given by owner so it is very important for the owner to keep the dog interested and make it listen.

Malamutes need daily exercise because they need to perform physical activities. They can be used to move around heavy objects. Although they are not much popular in terms of their speed, but they can pull stuff with all the energy they got.

Malamutes should not be kept with other pets because they have hunting nature and if they are not trained well then they could not resist from hunting down any fellow pet.

Malamutes need to live in low temperature areas, so it is very difficult for them to deal with hot summers. They should be kept in-door in summers, at cool places with water around them so they can bath. Winters are easy for them and they can happily stay out in snow.

Malamutes bond with the humans very quickly; they are also very loyal and peaceful. They don’t bark much; infact instead of barking they howl like wolves or other snow dogs, which seems as if they are talking rather than barking.

This furry friend of yours will stay by your side all the time because there is no way a Malamute gets bored or tired for any activity.

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