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Dog Teeth Cleaning and Ear Care

(Last Updated On: 31/01/2017)

Dog Teeth Cleaning and Care

Dog teeth cleaning and care are important because mostly dogs start to have tooth decay problems which could prolong and turn into many dangerous dental diseases. Keeping the dog’s teeth clean is an essential part of their grooming. Idyllically, teeth need to be brushed every day if possible, or else every other day.

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There are many flavored toothpastes made exclusively for dogs for brushing their teeth or it can be made at home by blending 1 tablespoon i.e. 14 g of baking soda with 1 teaspoon i.e. 5 ml of water. Substitute a salt replacer such as potassium chloride for the baking soda if the dog is on a salt-restricted diet.

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Another useful technique is to the feed a food to the dog that is meant to clean. Many companies make oral care food products that can be used for dog teeth cleaning purpose. The food is prepared in a big chunk which does not disintegrate when the dog eats it.

If there is a lot of tartar on the dog’s teeth then the owner needs to get an appointment with the vet for proper cleaning and scaling of the dog’s teeth. Many dog breeds need to have proper dental check-ups yearly after the age of 2-3 years.

Ear Cleaning and Care

Dogs build up ear wax, debris, fungus and ear mites which in turn cause other health issues such as infections and diseases that result in pain; thus ear care is essential. The amount of cleaning required depends upon the type of ears; floppy eared dogs need more frequent cleaning then those with erect ears. Some dogs do not develop ear problems throughout life, and need periodic ear cleaning during baths whereas some dogs need it quite a number of times daily.

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Regular inspection in essential at least weekly order to avoid any problems and determine the time when cleaning is required.

A quality Ear cleansing solution must be used or one can be made at home by mixing vinegar and water in 1:2 ratios.

A few drops of the cleanser must be dropped in the ear and then lightly massaged. The dog then should be allowed to shake his ear in order to get debris out. A cotton ball should be used next to clean the ear. Repeat if not cleaned properly. Give the dog a reward at the end in order to make it habitual to the process.

Over cleaning of dog ears can be irritating and under cleaning may result in unnecessary build up.

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