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Dog Kennel and Housing Ways

(Last Updated On: 25/10/2017)

Dog Kennel and Housing

For the perfect dog housing, the kennel must be designed to suit the lifestyle of the owner. Plastic molded kennels are in fashion nowadays but if the pet dog is a chewer, avoid using such kennels. Wooden kennels are dog friendly, look good and are always in fashion. Avoid fiber glass kennels as these might be dangerous because of plague building. The different types of dog kennel available in the market are:

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Portable Dog’s Kennels

Often called a dog pen or a dog cage, this type of kennel is best for owners who travel frequently with their dog. This type of kennel is ideal for short term use and travelling.

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Indoor Dog’s Kennels

For Dog housing, indoor kennels and outdoor kennels are pretty similar, the only difference being that indoor kennels are available in smaller sized that can be arranged and transferred with no trouble. These kennels must have a secure latch in order to keep the dog within a specific space inside the house.

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Outdoor Dog’s Kennels

This sort of kennel is ideal for keeping the dog outside in the yard as well as protecting it from any wild animals that may pose a danger to the dog. While purchasing an outdoor kennel, one should make certain that the finish of the metal is of high quality and preferably powder finish otherwise the kennel will start to rust in a few weeks. There are three main types of outdoor kennels:

Chain link kennels are generally of two types: The prefabricated chain link kennels come with a pre-installed chain link in the panels which can easily be locked together. Frame and stretch kennel requires labor and the assembly of the frame is to be done by the owner.

Welded Wire kennels come as pre-assembled panels where the frame has already been made and has the wire attached to the panels. Panels can be fastened together according to the kennel size desired. These types of kennels are strong and durable.

Steel Rod kennels are the strongest kennels and are pre-assembled. In general they have5 ft. to 6 ft wide panels. These are ideal for keeping huge or aggressive breeds of dogs.

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Multiple Kennel Runs

Another type of dog kennel system called Multiple Kennel Run that is ideal to house multiple dogs, as well as keep some dogs separate from each other to avoid breeding or fence fighting. They consist of an isolation panel that can be used amid the kennel runs; as a result, the dogs in the adjoining kennel will not be able to see each other.

Dog Housing

The responsibility of choice as to where to keep the dog lies on the shoulders of the owner. It is best if one can keep the dog inside their house since dogs are extremely social animals and they think of the owner and their family as the dog’s pack. A variety of indoor and outdoor housing choices are available ranging from a simple kennel to kennel runs, a dog house or an outdoor kennel, that suit best to both the owner and the dog. If one decides to keep the dog outside, then they should make sure the dog is not neglected and plenty of time and attention is given.

Giving this topic a thought before making any housing decisions is essential in order to avoid wasting any money; this is possible since one may purchase a comfortable, small kennel for their pet dog while the dog may be more suitable to a completely different type of home. Housing a dog is subject to a number of aspects: including the owner’s lifestyle, the dog’s breed and probably the expanse of room that is available.


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