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Dog Grooming Process

(Last Updated On: 31/01/2017)

Dog Grooming Process

A well groomed dog shows how much care is given to him by the owners. Dog grooming is essential because household dogs need to remain in a very presentable way. If owner is investing time in grooming dog, the dog would get all the praises and love from everyone. Here are few important grooming aspects discussed which should be followed for grooming dogs:

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Hair Cutting

In order to keep the dog looking great, hair cutting is an obligation. How frequently a dog needs a haircut depends upon the breed of the dog. Dogs that have constantly growing hair, example the Poodle or Shih Tzu, usually need a haircut after every 2-4 weeks. The coats of many dog breeds require trimming and cutting especially all long haired dogs.

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The Process

It is a good idea for an owner to learn some basic maintenance haircuts. Body hair must be cut before the head hair cut. Sharp scissors and clippers are crucial hair cutting tools. Dogs usually are frightened by the sounds clippers make thus it is best to purchase a good quality, quieter clipper. The time to start the haircuts is from the puppy-hood as it is difficult to make dog habitual in older age.

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Winter Grooming Tips for Dogs

Upon the onset of winter, it is a false notion that one can stop grooming their dog for a short while. All that is needed is that one might have to alter the priming humdrum a bit. Small things to take into consideration while grooming the dog in winters are as follows:

Time Intervals between Baths

There is no requirement of bathing the dog as frequently as in the summer spell, yet this does not imply that bathing need vanishes in winters. Bathing the dog ever 1-2 months is essential even in winters.


While bathing dog in winters, make sure that dog is given apt and thorough massage down to skin. Also, every time, wash the dog in back to front direction.

Complete Drying

Make sure that the dog is completely dried after the bath in winters specially; otherwise the dog might catch a cold and fall rigorously sick. Using a microfiber towel speeds up drying to almost ten times then done via a regular towel.

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Protecting Dog’s Paws

Without any doubt, putting some charming booties on the feet of the dog is the paramount way to safeguard the dog’s paws at the time the owner takes the dog outside for a walk. Nevertheless, a lot of dogs have an instinct of just kicking these off immediately after the booties are put on their feet. An alternative choice one has while trying to protect the dog’s feet is forming a protective resisting barrier on the feet of the dog. This can be done by application of using a slippery substance such as olive oil, Pam cooking spray or even petroleum jelly and applying it onto the dog’s feet. One just needs to buff a tiny amount of any of the mentioned products onto the pet’s feet a minute or so former to going outside in winters. Care should be taken to clean and dry the feet after returning indoors, baby wipes can come in handy. This will aid in getting rid of any dirt, salt or ice crystals from the dog’s paws, resultant, protecting the paws. It will also help keep the pet from dirtying carpet.


Some dogs for example terriers and hard-coated breeds require regular stripping along with haircuts. This includes hand stripping or simply stripping by pulling the dead hair out of the dog’s coat by using either a stripping knife or the owner’s fingers. Hand stripping when done along with natural shedding process makes room for the new coat to grow. It is best to use a stripping knife or a stripping stone to remove the top denser looking coat and the lax, soft undercoat. The process is usually unproblematic and it is reported that most breeds enjoy hair stripping. The dogs should be introduced to stripping like other dog grooming techniques from the puppyhood.

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Tip for a shiny coat

One of the best methods to help protect the pet’s coat and make it look shinier and turn out to be healthier is the use of olive oil in the dog’s food. Olive oil should be added to the dog’s food once or twice a week. For smaller dogs a teaspoon will be while a tablespoon for larger ones.

A lot of dog care, coupled with dog exercise, grooming and treats will keep the dogs happy, clean and healthy.

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