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Dog Drooling Problems

(Last Updated On: 15/02/2017)

All dogs slobber and drool. Dog panting and drooling is often considered a very normal behavior. But sometimes dogs start drooling suddenly. What are the drooling causes and how dog mouth infections, rabies in dogs, parvo in puppies etc are some big reasons behind the abnormal drooling. Dogs feeling lethargic and dogs having heat strokes could also drool in a very abnormal way. Let’s read further about dog drooling problems.

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Normal Vs. Abnormal Dog Drooling

Drooling  could be associated to the fact that dogs are food lovers or they just drool at the sight of something that excites them or triggers any certain emotion. But this is just an observation of a person who has no idea about the importance of drooling for the overall health and safety of dogs. Drooling is caused by excessive formation of saliva. Although it seems that saliva is being formulated excessively and that is why dog is drooling, but in reality, drooling could happen when the normal level of saliva is being produced in dog’s mouth. Saliva is nothing dangerous or something to worry about and one should be very well aware of the fact that there pet dogs are going to drool over their stuff sometime.


Dogs Breeds that Drool A lot

Almost all dog breeds have drooling tendency. The male dogs drool comparatively more. Similarly dogs that are hyper-active and live in hotter climates tend to drool more. It could also be said that dogs with wide muzzle or jaws with loose lips tend to drool more. Dog owner should do a lot of homework before adopting or buying any breed especially Saint Bernard or a Bull dog because all that extra baggage around the face results in a lot of wet blankets, floors, food bowls and clothes. 

The breeds of dogs that drool a lot include:

Saint Bernard



Bull Terrier

Bernese Mountain Dog

Bull dog

Great Dane


Bull Mastiff


All these breeds are larger in size as well so we could generalize that larger dogs tend to drool more.

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Causes of Dog Drooling

If there is over salivation in your dogs, there might be a number of reasons. Usually puppies drool when teething and it is considered as normal. Dogs have more than 200 million scent receptors due to which they are overly attracted to food. You open a back of treats and they come running after with a salivating mouth. If your dog doesn’t drools much visibly you could see them lick their lips a lot. This helps in keeping the saliva at bay.

However, a dog’s over drooling maybe caused due to some underlying health problems. Over salivation in dogs in this case is called Ptyalism. Causes for Ptyalism are as following:


Often, nauseated dogs drool a lot and lick their lips as well. Vomiting and drooling in dogs is related in this case as after showing this behavior, the dogs have stomach contractions followed by vomiting. Usually, the drooling subsides after the vomit. However, if the case of nausea is severe the drooling will continue with severe episodes of vomiting.


After having mandatory protocols enforced for the vaccination of rabies in dogs, it is rather a rare disease. However, drooling a long with seizures, fever, viciousness and coordination issues are symptoms of rabies.

Dental Disease

A dental disease often results in excessive salvation of dogs. Such dogs are often reluctant in eating their dry food and mostly prefer canned or moist foods. They also might drop a kibble or two while eating their meal. Dogs above 3 years are said to mostly have dental problems

Dog drooling is a common behavior in dogs. However, if your dog suddenly acts sickly and starts drooling a lot, do not hesitate to call a vet. After all prevention is better than cure.

Abnormal Drooling or Excessive Drooling

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Why does a dog drool excessively?

Excessive drooling of dogs is named as Ptyalism. The major reasons behind sudden drooling in dogs could be any of the following:

  • Any foreign objects stuck inside mouth or esophagus
  • Mouth infection or injury
  • Ingestion of some medicine or oral treatments
  • Ingestion of harmful chemical etc
  • Dental problems, cavities or fracture in jaw
  • Any lumps or tumors in the mouth
  • Stress in dogs symptoms 
  • Sick dogs with viral infections/diseases 

It is important to focus on dog drooling causes.

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These major causes of excessive drooling should be dealt with serious concern and the dog should be taken to veterinary consultant for a proper check up and treatment. Apart from these causes, drooling could be due to some other health problem. Infection in stomach, dehydration, heat stroke or gastric dilatation and volvulus, which is a big threat to dogs of old age, could be other medical conditions behind excessive drooling. Dog seizure symptoms, dog diarrheadog acid reflux problem, dog spaying or neutering, rabies and other diseases like parvo virus could also lead to drooling.

If you are unable to identify or diagnose the cause of excessive drooling then it is better to visit vet immediately. The complete health check-up could ensure that dog is out of any danger and drooling is not dangerous.

Other Reasons of Drooling

The non-medical reasons of excessive dog drooling could be associated with any sudden emotional changes. Dogs could salivate a lot when they are nervous, fearful, tired or drained, unhappy and neglected by their owners. Similarly dogs could over-drool if they see something they wish to chase or hunt down. These emotional reasons are mostly temporary and do not last long if the certain emotions don’t last.

If you want to have a dog and drooling seems to be a problem then go for the dog breeds that drool less. But there is no reason whatsoever that dogs could stop drooling.

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