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Saint Bernard Temperament and Breed Details

saint barnard

Saint Bernard Dog Breed Saint Barnard is most suitable pet dog for families with kids. They are pretty famous and the most famous Saint Bernard was featured in the Hollywood Movie “Beethoven” Body Size They are large and heavy dogs. The weight of average could exceed 100 KGs. The height …

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Pug Dog Breed Temperament and Their Lifespan


Pug Dog Breed Pug Dog Breed has been quite famous because of their size and they also got pretty famous when “Frank The Pug” came in Hollywood blockbuster movie “Men In Black” Body size Pug are small toy dogs. The weight of average is 8-10 KGs. The female is around …

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Adorable Poodle Breeds and Their Temperaments


Poodle Dog Breed Poodle are square shaped dogs as their height and length are same. They are well shaped dogs and look smart. They are basically water dogs. Their origin is from Germany and France. Standard Poodle The average height of standard dog of this breed is above 15 inches. …

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Pomeranian Dog Breed Info and Their Temperament


Pomeranian Dog Breed Pomeranian are also called Pom Pom. These dogs are originated from Germany. Body Size They are very tiny creatures. They weigh only 2-4 KGs on average. They are also small in height which is around 5-11 inches. The body is small but the coat is very abundant. …

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Newfoundland Dog Breed as a Pet and Their Temperament


Newfoundland Dog Breed Newfoundland (Newfies) is a giant dog breed. They come under category of working dogs and they have natural instincts to participate in different activities. Body Size Being giant dogs, they weigh a lot and have a plump body that is covered with fur. The bone structure is …

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Miniature Poodle Dog Breed Details and Their Temperament


Miniature Poodle Dog Breed Body Size The average height for Miniature Poodle is around 11-15 inches. Source Temperament of Miniature Poodle Dog Breed Poodles are smart, caring, cheerful to keep as pets. Poodles are very famous pets too. Poodles are very much intelligent and easy to house train. They consider …

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Mastiff Dog Breed Details and their Temperament


Mastiff Dog Breed Mastiff are pretty big dogs and they can be extremely good dogs if you live alone. They can be good with other animals if they’re trained. Body Size of Mastiff Mastiff are giant dogs with big face, broad and heavy body. The weight measured for average male …

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