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Dog Breeding

Process of Breeding Dogs

breeding dogs

The process of breeding dogs can begin after the Dam starts showing signs of heat. One should wait for 2 or 3 days after the observance of Dam coming in heat and then let the selected Stud into the dam’s pen with her. The opinions on how many times one …

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Important Considerations Before Dog Pregnancy

dog pregnancy

Important Considerations before Dog Pregnancy Dog pregnancy should be planned after many considerations. It is obvious that the owners are in love with their dogs which can cause bias of thinking of dogs having more qualities than in reality or overseeing the defects, resulting in problematic outcomes and undesired traits …

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Breeding Dogs – Spaying and Neutering a Dog

neutering a dog

Spaying and Neutering a Dog Neutering, is a Latin word that means of neither sex and refers to the removal of an animal’s reproductive organ. This process is often used for the male dogs whereas for the females, the word spaying is used. Spaying and neutering a dog are essential …

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